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Day 3: Alta Again!

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I am begining to understand the "religion of Alta." This is more than a mountain, its a way of life!

Today, we spent more time on the somewhat more challenging trails off the Sugarloaf lift. I am getting more accustomned to the switch from having skied ice all season, to being in powder like conditions.

Ydnar is very interested in how boot alignment effects skiing. On day 2, he cut up some trail maps, and placed them in my boots to act as heel lifts. At first, they were hard to get used to, which explains my double ski ejection face plants! Now, they are really helping me stay foward. At lunch today, he looked at all our boots. It turns out that Delta had heel lifts in her boots that were throwing her out of alignment. They are now in my boots1 we are both skiing better.

On the original "ski off," the coaches noticed that I had developed some defensive habits from skiing a good deal of terrain that is a bit too advanced for me. Ironic, since I once said I would never ski anything harder than a green! But Ydnar has been working to "clean up my act." As a result, when we returned to the harder stuff, I am skiing in much better form.

In the afternoon we skied with Carolyn's group. She told us to ski as if we were making love to the mountain!

Great talk by Rick about ski tuning.
When I return, I will post more details!
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In the afternoon we skied with Carolyn's group. She told us to ski as if we were making love to the mountain!
Ah yes Push the B$sh. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Help put the hips in the right position. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

As once told to me by our lead female clinician.

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Having a blast meeting and skiing with lots of Epicskiers.

Giving the coaches some comic relief! :
I'm sure someone will bring up my double eject.

Enjoying the meeting and putting of faces to names and talk about some major break throughs. Huge improvements with so many of the participants.

I got to watch and video for 3 of the groups.

More when I get back to a broadband connection.

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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
I am begining to understand the "religion of Alta." This is more than a mountain, its a way of life!

You should meet my Reverend. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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Every Morning at Sunrise True believers get up face thier Prayer rugs toward Alta and Pray. By the way Altaskier your Bishop just informed me your 10% tithing is over do.

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Is anyone taking any pictures yet... cuz I can't wait no more!
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Got back from the ESA last night, and I can (almost) type with my rapidly recovering right wrist (the complete story of that event will have to wait for another time).

In a very brief summary, the Academy was great, and met or exceeded all expectations. Wonderful people, masterful instruction, and terrific camraderie, mixed with the very best snow and terrain- how could it get any better? (well, maybe no collisions, but we will all heal...) Sorry for not posting pictures- our group moved so fast there was rarely time to take any, and the visibility was often terrible.

David- I cannot get the links to the videos to work. Suggestions?
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Thanks for the video's. I'm off the VT now to ski on some of our new snow. I know, I know your snow is still better.

Glad everybody had a great time.
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Good Stuff Dchan. Who was in your group?
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Rob Sogard was the coach.

I've told the members that it's up to them if they want to be identified. So...

As they see themselves they might chime in but it's up to them.

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Thanks Dchan, Hope some of the others speak up. Looks like you had some Good snow over there at Snowbird. Everyone looked like they were haveing a great time. Guess i'm going to have to save up some cash and do this next year.
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Great to ski with you this week! Thanks for doing all the video and taking the time to link some of it here.

For anyone interested, I'm the first skier down in these clips.


Definitly stash that cash away for next year ...see ya there!
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