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Mount Hood Meadows Beta?

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I'm doing a PSIA certification course at Mount Hood Meadows in April, and as it's occurring over the weekend of my daughter's birthday, for the sake of peace the price of entry includes bringing along my wife and daughter. Of course, I'll be busy with the clinic, but flight schedules dictate that we spend an extra day skiing anyway (aw, Jeez.....).  I've never been there, and I'd appreciate any locals' beta on best skiing in latish April. This is with the fam, so I'd like black and double-black terrain (probably not double-black XX), accessed by lift or close-by side-country.  No big hikes on this trip.


Thanks in advance,



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Heather Canyon is about the only thing with steepish sustained pitch. There are short steep pitches off some of the small ridges that run down the area, but all in all it's not a particularly challenging place. Hopefully the sun will be out for you. If so, it's a good venue to do your exam. Enjoy the experience! Great view of the peak, Hood River is worth the drive down, etc... Have fun, relax, and lean back and wiggle...

... Well, not the last bit if you want to pass. smile.gif
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LOL. Yeah, I used to windsurf at Hood River back in the day. Thanks!

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As Marko noted we do lack sustained steep skiing. If the weather/conditions permit then Heather Canyon has the most consistent pitch. The most obvious will be the bowls serviced by Mt Hood Express. But that will be a more stepped descent. Off of Cascade don't follow the crowd and drop in to Elevator, though it will take you back to the base and require 2 lift rides to get back to the top. That is a consistent them at Meadows. 2 lift rides, or a runout/walk plus lift ride to get the goods. Upper Heather Canyon is also accessed from Cascade.

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