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Day 2: Alta

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For those of you who have not attended this year, you have missed a monumental event! "She who never falls" has wiped out 5 times in 2 days! This is almost as many wipe outs i've had in the few seasons I've skied! [img]smile.gif[/img] One was even a dreaded "fall partially off the cattrack on to the cliff wipe outs," but obviously, I've lived to tell the tale! [img]smile.gif[/img]

It seems that some of the groups have been split more by speed than by skill level. The instructors are very adept at giving individual students specific drills to fit their needs. I have been doing a bit of "one footed" skiing.

Delta is an extremely graceful skier, but she tends to hold her poles in a very "posed' position. Randy had her loosen her arms and do crazy things with her poles. With her Asian features, beautiful braid and big dark aeyes, she looked like an animae character! The laughter is non stop! At the end of the day, we shocked Ydnar by telling him we wanted to ski as fast as possible!

BTW, Gonzo is REAL!! He is cute, mellow, polite, and looks much younger than he is!

Davis Polaner gave an excellent talk on altitude sickness in the apres ski segment. She Skis and I were glad to find out that fitness has nothing to do with susceptibility.
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More! More! Tell us more!

And no excuses about having to sleep or something!
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I am just too jealous for words. Glad to see that you're all having fun!!

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Lisamarie said:
For those of you who have not attended this year, you have missed a monumental event! "She who never falls" has wiped out 5 times in 2 days! This is almost as many wipe outs i've had in the few seasons I've skied!
You must be trying new things and pushing your comfort zone. This is good! I can ski without ever falling too, but then, when I do I am not learning anything new.

In any learning there are 3 levels, the first level is the one that contains skills that you have already mastered...this is the level where you are most comfortable, but it is also the level where little if any new learning takes place. The next level is your instructional level, where review and refinement of old (mastered skills) and introduction of new skills take place. The final level is the frustration level. It is at this level that learning ceases and the frustration and anxiety of the learner takes place. These levels change constantly and on an individual basis if you allow yourself to operate in level 2. It sounds like you are doing that on this trip, congratulations!
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Right, I can ski without falling. But after some time I find that I'm getting board. I'm trying to learn to keep my hips over my feet most of the time. I find that I fall more when I'm trying to improve. That's all part of learning process. Falling is not a bad thing, unless you bend a ski (like last Sunday). Falling is a part of pushing the envelope. Getting better, improving my skills so I can have more fun.

Lisamarie, just be glad you have soft snow to fall into, and you get a chance to be the entertainment. I have become good at being this type of entertainment.

Enjoy all the new skills your learning.

Someone send pictures... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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can you tell us - exactly (which resort - which run) where was this fall on to a cliff. just curious.

am awfully jealous of the snow conditions. was in alta/snowbird 17-19 - to ski on on not so great conditions.
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Glad you are enjoying yourself. Slightly off topic, would you please ask Nolo to check her e-mail this evening? Thanks a lot. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Today I'm designated the Video person for Eric, Rob, and Weems so we make arrangements for times to video for each group.

Some of this will be posted soon. (no names, we'll let those persons who's video they are fess up if they want)

After lunch we strike out for more skiing, I join back up with Rob's group and we head over to Alta. Now I'm really having a blast. I love Alta. (see religion of Alta thread)

At the end of the day, I head back in with Rob to the coaches "meeting" as I understand they want to all look at the video. When we get back in they decide to meet on the Tram and ski one last run and shoot some "reference video"

Here I get to provide some comic relief for the coaches.

we do a few misc runs for the camera. Vis is very low and for some silly reason I had opted to leave my goggles in the truck and am skiing with sun glasses. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

We get on some groomers on chip's run and decide this is a great place for "pure carves" so off the coaches go. I'm in the middle somewhere and decide to do my best layed out carves. (remember no vis) I think I'm doing great, swing by Ric, who is videoing this run and I see the coaches lined up off to the side. I figured I can just carve right around in front of them and stop. Nature and the mountain had other ideas! Since I couldn't really see the ground well, I didn't notice that it went from groomed to Powder.

Instant stop of both skis, double eject and face plant! It was classic : . Unfortunatly Ric had turned around to catch the next coach so it didn't get captured on video.
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Sorry I was so slow to answer questions.I guess that's what happens when you spend more time on the slopes and less on the net! [img]smile.gif[/img]

The great cat track fall happended somewhere along the track that leads back towards Germania. We had just crossed over into The Bird to play in Mineral Basin. The combination of the powder, altitude, and makeshiift heel lifts in my boot was playing with my balance. I experienced two dramatic wipeoute, which Randy claimed were executed correctly, if there's a way to wipe out correctly! [img]smile.gif[/img] Basically, once I knew the inevitable was about to happen, I just let myself completely relax.

On the return to Alta, we had lost complete visability. I can't find the name of the cattrack, but the map seems to call it "return to Germania." At one point, it looked like the cattrack had ended, and a trail had opened up. SURPRISE! As I started to make a turn, on foot slipped down the ciff. It may have been an actual trail. But due to lack of visability, I had no idea as to whether it was skiable. Somehow, I got back on the track. No harm done!
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