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Hi to all, im a k2 fan for many years. They have always treated me right. I just read alot about skilogik. I really dig their vision and seems alot of folks love the way they make their skis. Ive read tons of forums and its always the same, some post make u want to buy em now and some to stay away.

So im looking at either a new pair of k2 amp ricfor 90 or skilogik rave tt or rt.

Been skiing for 35 yrs. Live in so cal. Ski mt high weekly. Baldy when snow and (best mtn anywhere) Head to utah, mammoth and tahoe. Love pow but remember ski mt high in socal mostly these days. Good days me and 14yr old charge pow and trees but my 2 other smaller kids juat learning. Still love to charge even with mh bad knees.

Any advice would be awesome...