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Skis for 12 year old boy and skis breaking.

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My son started skiing this year. We got him a pair of Nordica twin tipped skis. In two months the mental has started to break off the front of one ofthe ski's. I was goiven some very conflicting info. One place said it couldn't be fixed or rather it could but it would break right away so it wouldn't be worth it, we needed new skis. Another place said they can fix it and it might even be stronger. One place said "park" skis are made different and should last longer while a different person at the same shop said that all skis were made essentially the same and will break based on use. That my son needs to learn how to land.


Two months is not an idea amount of trime for skis to last for us. It's not even remotely possible for him to continue skiing if they are this easy to break. 


Is any of this accurate? 



What skis' should we be looking at? Is there a ski that is especially made with a better quality to last longer and in a terrain park?


  1. Where in the world are you skiing?               Edmonton Canada

  2. What kinds of terrain do you prefer (groomed runs, moguls, race course, park'n'pipe, trees, steeps, backcountry/sidecountry)? groomed runs, park n pipe, trees, 

  3. How many days a year do you ski? 20 - 40 days

  4. How advanced are you as a skier? intermediate. he is a fast learner and started on the terrain park pretty quickly

  5. What's your height and weight? 4'10 85lbs

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Were the skis purchased new or used?  If new, your dealer should be able to assist with warranty exchange or repair.  Do you have a picture of the damage you could upload?  It might help to see if it was abuse from striking objects, or delamination from vibration and hard landings.


We have some real gear gurus on the site and I'm sure you'll get additional ideas.

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Here are some pics of it being broken, for the SECOND time. We got it fixed and he went skiing twice. This happened near the end of his second time. 

A season rental charge is about $130 for appx 4 1/2 months. His brand new skis from Nordica (with a wold man on them if that tells you anything?) were $300 and lasted 2 months...

I keep getting told if he's hard on them, not landing properly etc... But I can't help but thinking that an inexperienced skiier learning how to do stuff on the terrain park shouldn't be this easy to break skis. That makes no sense to me. If that's the case then I would be expecting to spend $600 a year on ski's min for him....What?*







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*a wolf man is on the skis*


*$130 for ski rentals for the season*

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There are few other threads that talk about ski problems and failure of the ski with younger skiers.


In most cases it comes down to one thing and one thing only, the ski is not up to the level of skiing the young skier is doing.  While you mention Nordica, there is a vast difference between top of the line application specific skis and entry level or even advance level skis.


At $300 I suspect that they likely came with bindings of which the ski likely cost about $200 at most.


While these look like park skis and ski like park skis are they true park skis built to take the abuse likely not.  Read the thread about race ski failure because of hitting gates and expectations for a non true race ski expectation for and understanding, sorry couldn't find the thread (it was started a couple of months ago).


Good luck in finding the right solution, I suspect that is likely going to be more expensive skis if this is the direction that he wants to go in.  As to which ski, I don't have an answer as 1. I'm old enough and smart enough to know that stationary steel objects can hurt, and 2. I like my skis too much to damage the edges just to ride the rail ;).

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So, did you buy the skis online? Did you go back to them? Did you tell them you want to make a warranty claim? If they won't handle it, insist on the rep's contact info and call them.
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I bought them through a store. I went back to them and paid to get them fixed and they said they would take a pic and send it to Nordica. I have emailed Nordica myself and am waiting to see if I hear back. I did ask about warrenty at the store but they said it was a wear and tear thing not a malfunction with the design itself but that they would take the pic and send it in just in case.

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@Philpug probably has some good information about Nordica warranty, and has helped other members with similar problems.  When did you buy these?  I would suggest you persist with your retailer because the failure on these skis is a full tip delamination and is not normally a wear and tear item....it is structural failure.

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Bought Jan 15 (or there abouts) this year.

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Warranty goes back though an dealer authorized dealer, Reps do not deal with consumers directly for these matters. I will say Nordica has a very good and FAIR warranty department. It is not up to the store to decide if a manufacturer will warranty the product, it is the manufacturer. I would suggest bringing the skis back to the shop you purchased them from with you receipt and have them send them back to Nordica since it their decision, expect to pay $20.00 or so for shipping. If that shop refuses to send them back, go to another authorized Nordica dealer.

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