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Academy, Day 1

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Sounds fun! Who else is in your group? I know a few people there because I met them at the ETU. well, you know that! Say hi to them from me!

We are getting prepared to have a storm back here in the east. This storm will effect southern NE most according to the models I have seen. The Berkshires and Central MA are expecting around 10-12", Maybe more. I'll let you know what we get.

Well, have fun and take care. Don't forget to say hi to others for me...Springhill Crazy (did he go?), Bonni, Jeff ....
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What the heck is Diamox? The only Vitamin I take skiing is Vitamin I.... ibuprofen. Make sure Fox gets plenty of Vitamin G.
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Hi Lisa! Glad to hear you guys are having so much fun. Any pictures yet?
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Academy, Day 1

I know you all want to hear about the skiing, but first I need to tell you what a wonderful group of people we have here. It is so exciting to meet people such as gerathlete, delta, sheskis and others who are as dynamic in person as they are in cyberspace. Eric Deslauriers is a beautiful human being both inside and out. Even if the skiing was awful, I would be in heaven just hanging out with these people.

But the skiing is far from awful! The dump yesterday has given the Bird some great conditions! Its a tiny bit warmer than yesterday, without the wind, so lift rides are more tolerable. This is the first year I've skied out west without "vitamin d' (diamox) and it may have been a mistake. Snowbird has a few uphill hikes, and I am finally having empathy with my out of shape aerobic students. It feels a bit like skiing "inebriated."

I'm in Ydnar's group this year, and he is a marvelous instructor. The Bird is a great mountain!
Better get to sleep! Love you all! Wish you were here!
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Monday I fly in from Sea Level, some how make it to the resort in great time. No wait for luggage, Canyon transport is pretty fast in getting me going and I'm changing into ski gear and stuffing all my belongings into the lockers at 10:30 AM

I get up to the tram deck and look around. Don't see anyone so I decide to take a run or 2 and look for everyone at lunch.

Just before lunch I'm back on the tram deck and up skis ESKI!

At lunch I start to notice there are people wearing epicski pins and introduce myself. About that time I see Rob Sogard and Bob Barnes and get myself "placed" in Rob's group.

After lunch Rob decides it's a good time to hike Baldy!

We ski the rest of the day having a blast and exploring the mountain.

No video or pictures of skiing from me but I'm sure there will be some.

I'll be posting some pictures of the meeting later.
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