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Ran some gates about a month ago on a pair of Volkl Zebra R,s with Look VIP,s that I got in 1980 (our rec. race group decided to try a straight ski night). These things have always been a favorite of mine but I couldn't believe how much life they had when compared to new stuff that I was useing
, they still unload like a bomb when loading up the backend. Makes a good arguement for spending the money on good quality race stock skis.
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Tog, I skied the Split Tails in a 207. I'm currently wearing out some Dynastar Speed SF's in a 190 length. A month ago I fell in love with (but couldn't find a way to buy then) next year's K2 Mod-X Pro in a 181. I expect that to be my next regular ride.

Pierre eh, Hexcel Super Comps had a bit of metal in them and liked to bend (and stay that way), often just behind the rear binding, if you landed a bump jump on the tails. I remember seeing a few with the shovel boasting a 45-degree bend too!!!! The Hexcelerator was a more successful bump tool, and I think the Primer Cord was a bit more durable on uneven terrain. None of them had the edge bite of the Super Comp on ice, however. And then there was the Super Comp "Blue Ice" model with a second edge in the sidewall.
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Thrift shops here in Denver are loaded with good rock skis - how about 207 K2 Extremes with Marker M48's for $10? Or Dynastar Omeglass II with Marker M46 for $1? I bring them up to Abasin in spring to rockhunt..
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Those are for seeing how far across the parking lot of A-Basin you can get!

Or take 'em apart and make Adirondak chairs out of 'em.
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205cm Fischer RC4 RSL Super Comps with the candy cane stripes and 195cm Fischer RC4 SL
SuperForms with the slight bulge at the waist to make them easier to pivot.
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Oooh Lostboy,

Fischer Superform. Not a nice ski. Bad ski. Bad.

Some wacky ideas are good. That one was not ready for prime time. Spent a lot of time on 205's. Great in soft but what a nasty bitch on hard snow. Bad concept. Bad execution. How the hell was I supposed to tune those? Fischer didn't know.

I apologized to the guy who insisted on buying them from me. Tried to talk him out of them. He liked the cool yellow portion on the sidewall. He paid cash. I took it. I watched the obituaries for a while.

Father, forgive me for I have sinned.

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New friend I was skiing with this weekend.
K2 412? w Salomon 637.
Wondering why shops don't want to work on them for him.
I think we convinced him to get some new boards.
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Just a qick note on the Hexcel Splitail design. In the 80's I was in charge of the repair shop that handled all the warrantee work for Hexcel and talked Hub Zemke on a regular basis. The split was designed to let the tail of the ski flex enough to maintain the arc of the ski in a turn. Most every ski of that era had an extremely stiff tail that would not flex in the last six or so inches. Hub cam up with the idea for race skis that ended up being very fast in the pro ranks where waist deep ruts were the rule.
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