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How old....

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While skiing with my family yesterday I came upon a guy sliding down on one ski while carrying the other. About that time I came across half of a boot sole, foot bed and front half of an on (Nordica??? Don't remember who made them) "Cobra" laying in the snow. I picked up the misc boot parts, took pitty on the guy's barefoot hanging out of the front of the remains of the boot and offered to carry his useless ski to the bottom for him. It was a Rossignol Roc 550 circa 1977(?).

Anyway, looking at the collection of museum exhibits he was skiing on got me wondering how long people ski on older equipment. The oldest skis I still use occasionally are two pair of Rossignol FPs (bought in 1979-1981) I alternate between as rock skis in the early season. What antiques do you still have active?

(I would like to avoid the "you shouldn't be out on anything that old" thread...)
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We finally got my dad off his Scott superhots this year
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bright pink volkl p9s
great early season rock ski/closing day @ alta ski.
not sure the year but they are day glo pink. must be late 80s I got em free a few years ago
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Might be a Hanson boot.
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I saw a guy on Hexcel Honeycomb something-or-others at Tahoe.

Those old Nordica boots are very prone to exploding on the hill. I see a few every year. At the end of this season, I was cruising the discount racks in my ski area's shop, when a woman came in with 2 pieces of Nordica. They always seem to break at mid foot, seperating the toe from the rest of the boot. I think the plastic they used just aged poorly.
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Iam always amazed at how many are still using old equipment, makes me wonder who is buying the new stuff, oh yea, that would be me. 3 new pairs of ski's this year alone. I use my "old" 4 month old ski's for rock sking.I personaly wouldnt ski on old straight ski's let alone some that are 10 years old, but then again iam an equipment junky.
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I think fall squarely in the "equipment whore" category.
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I took my 1978-79 Rossi STs out last year for old times sake....boy do they suck compared to todays skis. I also have a pair of 72-72 223 cm Rossi Decentes I would take out yearly but my new boots are too short for the bindings (Look N77s).....what a shame.
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I am not emabarrassed to say that I have (as of this past Thursday night) put my circa 1989 Head Radial Sensation straight skis into retirement. They served me very well for a good long time, thank you very much. (Hey, I lived in Florida and Atlanta for over 8 years, not more than a week or two at best per year, why buy new equipment??)

I will (sniff, sniff ) miss those gray and florescent pink darlin's, so easy to spot when you get to the rack.

As of next season, I will be with the cool kids on my new sidecut skis-K2 Mod X pros. (quite the end of season bargain!!)

Now that I live near skiing again, These will probably be with me for 3-4 seasons at best.

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I get a little shocked at seeing some of the stuff still out there. Salomon 222's w/ saftey straps and boots that date before DIN.

I think when you see people in that old of equipment they are the 2-5 times a year crowd, if that. Ski equipment is expensive, lift tickets are expensive. If they are having fun that is what counts, and besides since they have not been on new equipment they have no idea what a difference it could make to the experience.

Oh, me? I fall into the gear slut catagory.
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I may have to pull out my rossi stratos for a spin.
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My early season rock skis are a pair of Yamaha GSX's (205's circa 84-85) mounted w/Tyrolia 490RD's. Actually, these are the best old school GS boards I have ever owned.

For some reason I still have a pair of the orange Lange ZR's(1984) in the garage. They only have about 10 days on them. They hurt so bad I could never use them, biggest waste of $400 I ever spent( Yes, they were custom fit), but I had to be like Phil and Steve.
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im with dc9, the oldest thing i got is some 1080's that i bought a little less than a year ago and i dont ski on much anymore. if you still have 20 year old skis that arent broken to pieces, that means you arent skiing hard enough...
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G-Dubs, just out of curiosity (and not meant to be read in a nasty tone, as you sometimes interepret comments) do you buy your own equipment or do your parents buy it for you? It's a totally different thing when you have to go to work to pay for your toys. It's amazing how you can make your stuff last when you have to pay retail.
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I'm an equipment junky too...to a point.
The oldest skis i had were sheet....Atomic ARC's that i tossed a while back. I usually swap out every season now. Sell old skis, buy new ones. Sell the new ones, get newer ones. I DO pay for my own equipment...tho i have to say my priorities are messed up. I think i'm gonna stick with the P40 Energy Rails for a while tho. These things rawk

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I definately fall into the equipment whore too but I still get the old ones out occassionally. And with a family of four that all fall into the equipment whore catagory I definately get more than a season out of skis I like...

Been thinking about getting my 35 year old 225 Kanone downhills out for a couple runs but I don't know if I can still lift them...

We should have a nostalga day at the next Bear's gathering.
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Miniker- perfectly fair question, its usually about down the middle, for example, my parents made me buy a helmet so they paid for it. i have foot problems so they buy me boots and custom pads. when i just want a pair of skis, they will say something like "you already have some, so you pay half, or you pay $200 and we'll cover the rest".
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Guilty! I'm a ski whores! Three pair within the last 18 months. Two Atomics and one Head Cyberspace.

My wife threatens to send me to "Skiers Anonymous" to begin my recovery. I'M SORRY, I'M SICK. I JUST CAN'T STOP!

Boy those the new Atomic slalom skis sure looks interesting don't they?
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My wife is now a equipment wh.. no can't use that - junkie. decided this year keep with the same stuff until she gets better. Then she goes out and buys Powerkarves with Look P7s. Ok they fell much better , much more stable- her skiing improved over her K2 twos. If that was better well how about boots. Was able to get her into pair of new Lange RX7s (old stock) rather than the Atomic 9.5s. As conditions are poor this year didn't want to use powers so upgraded rock skis to K2 Powers. How many of your wifes got two pairs of skis and boots this year!!

As for old stuff- i'm sure the Rossi 550 roc date from 75 as my friend had a pair in grade9. Also saw apair of 650s a couple of weeks back.
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I had a pair of ROC 550's. Bought 'em in '74. Skied 'em maybe half a dozen times before I was introduced to the World of Hexcel, where I remained until Hub Zemke laid up the last of the Split Tails about ten years later. I've had lots of skis since 1970, when I started teaching and skiing an average of 100 days a season. I usually only ski a pair about 150 days, including their rock careers.
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I saw two skiers who were skiing together, one on a pair of Olin Mark IV's the other on Mark III's this season. That's from a long ,ong time ago.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>How many of your wifes got two pairs of skis and boots this year!!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


Now buying skis for kids (teenagers). We'll wait until fall for the boots and mounting. Feet will probably change a size by then.

I missed on the year of the Rocc550s. I never owned them but did have a couple pair of ST650s that were out at the same time. One of my favorite skis of all time but they would eventually fatigue and delaminate.
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In early February I was with a couple of buddies in Sun Valley. One guy was skiing his MBX GS skis from yesteryear. They were a model that I thought well of when new but hadn't skiied them in years. In fact, I hadn't skied a traditional ski in years and wasn't in a big hurry to try. All of us have a 313 mm boot sole and the same DIN, though, so Brent offers to swap Dave the Speed Carves he was on for a ride on the MBX's.

Dave loved the Speed Carves and Brent never says too much so when I asked him how the MBX's were he just said "Fine". I figured that I should take a walk down memory lane too so I suggested that Brent and I swap. I was on a borrowed pair of Speed Cross'. We swapped at the top of Warm Springs and took off.

The first thing I noticed was the extra effort required to initiate a turn. The next thing was the grab-ass involved in keeping the edges engaged throughout a turn. They weren't intuitive for damn sure. It took several attemps to find where to be during different parts of a turn. The next thing was how ineffective the edging on my inside ski was. Next, was the taste of man-made snow as I went down and slid for a very long way.

ROC 550's? Hexcellerators? Olin MK IV's?

Forget about it. It ain't even worth the memories.

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I saw a pair of split tails for the first time this year in the lift line. What was the idea with that forked tail? Not so great for going backwards I bet.

old skis - not much left

I'd love to try a pair of brown Rossi Strato 102's again. I'm sure they be terrible, but they were my first pair of real skis. "Get'em a little long so he can grow into them" - that meant they were to the tops of my fingers with my hand held straight up over my head! I have no idea how I turned them.

My oldest skis now are two pair of Volkl p20's, 200, 205cm. These have now been decomissioned and might become a bench. (With 2 pairs of orange early p30's for the back)
I'm now still skiing on a volkl p40f1 193cm bought in spring 99 before they came out. (I demoed and demoed and then bought that ski without even trying it!) Great ski, still going strong. If I did heavy duty racing I'd probably have bought this years, but that red/white one is just fine.

Other ski I just picked up is a Rossi 9x 9.9 191cm(98/99)with maybe 2 weeks on it. I've only skied it one day. Another good ski, real soft, but quick edge/edge and much better for moguls and feels good in the half pipe.

Most recent ski is a Volkl p40sl 177cm with rail and marker bindings I got for $350 slightly used.


I really need a midfat.
I really want that G41 fat ski.
I think the Stockli Laser SC should be in my closet, but which size?
I think it's time for a pair of twin tips.
I like the look of those new short fat fischers for next year.
I'll really need a new gs ski next year.


(thank god for ebay. There you can actually sell skis no one wants in a ski town or sites like this and get a decent price for them. This helps justify new purchases. "Hey I got a $100 for those old ones!...)<FONT size="1">

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The most frightening day of the year is the Boy Scout Ski Jamboree.

Kids will show up for the mandatory lesson with gear that hasn't seen the light of day in fifteen years.

I look for any excuse to boot these kids out of the lesson and send them packing over to the rental shop.

The parents will have the kid wear three pair of socks to fit into Uncle Freddies old boots and send him off on a pair of 195's with the DIN on 8. On a hundred pound kid this is scary stuff.

Puzzling because the price of a rental is included in the package. The only logic that I can fathom is that Mom didn't want her kids foot in a rental boot that may contain sweat or other bodily fluids that you can get hepatitis, aids or foo fungi from? Who knows what some pervert has done to that boot.
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I find it interseting that you were skiing a pair of Dynastar's and then toss in the word "intuitive" about about the older skis.

My wife gets new skis just about every year as well. I got here a pair of Powerkarves 183 this year. SHe still still skied on her Bandit X 191 most of the time. I think I'll have to get her a different mid-fat next year and hopefully she will "get it". SHe is still in long ski mentality and it drives me nuts. SHe thinks the Powers are too short. But I gave her a reality check on ski length a couple weeks ago. Got a pair of G3's in a 184 and had her ski on them. She struggled cause she could not flex the ski with her little 115lb body. I finally heard her say "think these are too long". The skies split and a beam of sunshine flowed upon her. She had gotten it. <FONT size="1">

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jd, Was that Brent W. you were with?
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Tog, the Hexcel Split Tail idea was that the inside edge wouldn't get pulled off the snow by longitudinal torque twist. Supposedly, the outer part of the tail could twist/flex without disturbing the bite of the inside edge. The Super Comp was significantly heavier overall and stiffer in the tail. I only had one pair of Super Comps. I had about five sets of Split Tails. I thought they were much easier to ski without giving up a lot in edge grip. I gave a lot of lessons skiing backward on Split Tails without ever having a problem.
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Hey Guys,

Yes, that little twist of words was for your benefit, Argus. I thought that you might appreciate it. BTW, that Intuitiv 69C skis just fine. It will serve many folks well.

Lucky, I was with a different Brent that day. I was reminded of a post you made about a year ago when you mentioned that after busting up your prime boards you had taken a day on your legacy gear. Found it a lot of work, as I recall. I wondered at the time. I get it now.

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Interesting about the forked tails, makes me want to take a pair of skis to the bandsaw and cut a notch in em! What length were you skiing those split tails in? What ski and length are you on now?
I love the "only ski a pair about 150 days" comment. That's more than 10 years for the "average" skier!
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