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Salomon Q98

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Need some input on these. About me 5ft 8"   160 lb.  Ski fairly fast ,Finesse skier  Level 8  Have been using 177 Nordica Enforcers for my trips to Hokkaido Japan ( Good Utah like conditions)   Actualy lost one of them in deep powder. Loved those skis but thought they were a touch stiff for their light powder.  Having some reservations about the Q98 for carving the groomers..

Dont want a full powder ski as I like more camber . Given that the pistes are packed powder and hardly ever get hard packed.How do you think they will fare. Thinking 180 or should I go longer, Thanks

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This will be a great ski for your size, weight, and that venue. I don't think I've ever skied hard snow there in a total of about 50+ days there. Yes, do the 181.The 188 for Hokkaido wouldn't be out of the question unless you're skiing Teine.  If the Enforcer was a bit much, you'll be interested in the new Nrgy-100 in a 177.


(Good Utah like conditions... just better. :)  )

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Seems like the Jury is still out on the nrgy 100. Alot of mixed reviews. What are your thoughts on the Rossi Exp 100  2015  spose to be softer than the E 98 or just go for the Solly?

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I've skied all that you mentioned. All would work well in Hokkaido. I can't figure out the mixed reviews about the Nrgy. I thought it was a great ski as did pretty much everyone I know around here who's skied them. If the E-100 is softer, its a very mild refinement. Like the e-98, its still a lot of ski for a lot of folks. My thoughts about a Hokkaido ski are this... Go longer and softer rather than shorter and stiffer. I really like the E-100 and have a lot of time on E-98s, but don't know that it'd be in my Hokkaido quiver. I'd take my Head Titans and my Blizzard Bodacious and call it good. If you like a bit wider stiffer, look at the new Salomon Q-lab 104. That or a Kastle Fx 104 would be great for a one ski does all ride.
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Thanks for your help Markojp, Pulled the trigger on a pair of Sollies. Always take my Head piste skis with me .Guarantees I wont need them.Might catch up over there sometime

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