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Smugglers Notch April 15-21???

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Anyone have thoughts/insights/great guesses on Smugglers in mid-April? Seems like maybe the best eastern option that time of the year, but I also hear they start shutting a lot down. Recent experiences? I'm trying to decide between Smugglers and…going out west (with frequent flier mileage!)

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That is really iffy.  Stowe has a scheduled closing date of 4/20 and they have a huge man made snow base as compared to Smuggs.  Conditions are tremendous right now but in 3 weeks???

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We went to Jay last year for that week and had very good conditions. The entire mountain was open all week. Stateside was starting to get a little beat up toward the end of the week, but everything else was in great shape.
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A reliable source reports tons of snow at Smuggs and especially Jay as of Sunday. But a whole lot can happen in three or four weeks. I wouldn't commit money in advance.

Sugarloaf is possibly the most reliable April bet in the East.
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It would take a hell of a warmup to stop them now. I think you'll be just fine, you won't need to commit. Mountains will be reducing operations during that week, but only because nobody will be skiing and seasonal workers will have gone home.

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"It would take a hell of a warmup to stop them now."

You had to go and taunt fate. You know what happens when you do that, right? smile.gif
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