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Trip Report pre-Academy - long winded

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I'm more interested in hearing the collected thoughts of the Bears that joined me at The Canyons on Saturday and Sunday; so, I intend to be brief . . . road to hell and all that.

Big-brain that I am, I didn't realize that the majority of the people staying at the Extended Stay America were registered at the Sandy location . . . not the Midvale location. So, of course, the directions and meeting locations I had offered were all wrong. Sorry about that.

Bears taking Saturday's tour at The Canyons were:
  • BobasEB and a friend, Jacek</font>
  • Arcmeister</font>
  • JimmyD</font>
  • utah sooner and a friend, Pascal</font>
  • Lodro</font>
The morning dawned most unspectacularly, mostly cloudy but calm. The sun did make brief appearances, but there was also some flat light later in the day.
Lodro, another Canyons regular, and myself were guiding. I have to say that the chances of getting eight strangers together and having a group that stays together is pretty slim, but ours did. By no means did we ski the entire mountain; we did, however, take a ride on most of the lifts and skied many runs.

Even though it was his day off before going to the Academy coaches day on Sunday, every once in a while I would see the instructor in Arcmeister come out. I won't give a critique on the skiing abilities of each individual; but, if his skiing ability is any indication of his teaching ability, I can see why Arcmeister is coaching at the Academy.

As promised, we stopped for lunch at Lookout Cabin, where my beloved wife works. Personally I had - and enjoyed - the chicken marsala pasta, but felt that I had been out-ordered by those that ordered the special of the day - roast duck on field greens.

Deciding that living to fight another day was a good idea, utah sooner and Pascal left shortly after lunch.

By and large it was day spent on the corduroy. Fun? Absolutely, but not terribly eventful. I think it would be a safe bet to say that the crowd favorite - and one of my personal favorites as well - was a run called Cloud 9 off the Tombstone chair. We didn't close the place down and I'm not sure what time we finally called it a day, but the remaining six of us made several more runs before shaking hands and saying our good-byes.

I truly hope everyone left with a good overview of my home resort. I, likewise, hope a good time was had by all.


Bears taking Sunday's tour at The Canyons were:
  • Ryel and Leigh, (Mrs. Ryel)</font>
  • Lisamarie</font>
  • Sheskis, Daron (Mr. Sheskis) and their three children</font>
  • Julie from New Zealand</font>
  • Adrian</font>
  • Bonni</font>
  • TomB</font>
  • stmbtres</font>
  • cedric</font>
  • Utah49</font>
  • UtahJim</font>
  • cjbrown and Debbie (Mrs. cjbrown)</font>
  • Bob the Builder</font>
  • Lodro</font>
Sunday's weather brought a welcome end to our annual January inversion; which means cold temps and fog in the Salt Lake valley and blue skies and mild temperatures in the mountains. If you want to escape the cruddy air in the valley, a short trip to any local ski resort will clear both your mind and the air.
As a resident of the Salt Lake valley, I awoke to about four inches of very dry snow in my driveway. The Canyons was reporting six inches of new snow, cold temps and strong winds; all three of which, at times, was a serious understatement.
As luck would have it, several Bears arrived before I did and I was greeted with both smiles and jeers. After doing my best imitation of a biblical money changer in the temple, I sent the group to the gondola with a $37.00 lift attached to their person and their cash in my pockets.

I stayed behind as I awaited the arrival of Sheskis and her entourage - I believe, and understandably so, that Liz's husband prefers his given name of Daron (sp?) to Mr. Sheskis. At any rate, Liz (Sheskis), Daron, their three children, Cedric, Bob the Builder, cjbrown and Mrs. cjbrown (Debbie sp?) arrived a few minutes later. I'm not sure, but I think Daron and Liz must have rented a bus for their commute from Snowbird.

Have I mentioned that it was cold - at least by local standards - snowing hard and blowing hard?

The plan was for my eleven year-old daughter and nine year-old son to ski with Liz and Daron's eleven year-old daughter and nine year-old twin boys. I think the kids took one run and made a bee-line for hot cocoa. Another run and some time later and they showed up at Lookout Cabin, they convinced my wife to let them eat lunch there instead of Red Pine lodge. I seriously doubt that it was a tough sell.

On our first ride up the Tombstone chair in search of the larger group, I saw Lodro arcing turns through the fresh snow - at the bottom of a run named The Drop - with several Bears in tow. We waited at the top of the chair. Minus Bonni & Jeff, Ryel & Leigh, and LisaMarie, we made several runs in the powder around the Tombstone area.

We decided it was time to move in the direction of our lunch reservation and made our way to the Saddleback lift. After a fabulous run through some fabulous powder in The Pines, several members of our party felt like they may have left something behind - namely some untouched powder. With five minutes before our lunch reservation, I offered to make their apologies for being late as they went back for seconds.

On the approach to the Lookout chair - which would deliver us to our lunch destination - I finally saw the missing quintet of Ryel & Leigh, Bonni & Jeff and LisaMarie. What can I say, I like the food and the ambience of Lookout Cabin. I hope the others enjoyed their lunch - and a chance to warm up - as much as I did.

I only hope we didn't leave anybody behind; but, as often happens with a group dynamic, we regrouped after lunch. One group went off in search of face-shots and the other elected to take a more sedate run down to the base of the Super Condor chair where we reunited. The powder-hounds, namely:

  • Liz (Sheskis) & Daron</font>
  • Julie from New Zealand</font>
  • Adrian</font>
  • TomB</font>
  • stmbtres</font>
  • cedric</font>
  • Utah49</font>
  • UtahJim</font>
  • Lodro</font>
and myself were on a quest. I believe all concerned found the holy grail in the northern runs and aspens off of Apex Ridge. Around 3:15 rubber legs began to appear and it was decided that we would make our way toward the bottom of the mountain, but not before one last foray into the unknown.
Hindsight is so perfect and sometimes the unknown is best left that way. Following the lead of Lodro and I, our merry band decided to end our session in the Super Condor area by skiing down Chute 2. The south facing chutes off Super Condor were buried with bottomless powder not so many weeks ago, but the recent inversion exposed them to the unrelenting power of the sun. Add some fresh powder and strong cross-winds and you have a perfect recipe for difficult conditions. From one moment to the next you didn't know if you would encounter frozen razor blades or fluff. Or both. We all survived and rode the Snow Canyon chair as we made the long circle back to the Lookout chair.
At Snow Canyon, I suggested that we ski Bushwacker Bowl to finish the day. The only problem, that might mean a short hike to the base area. I asked everyone to think about whether they would like to ski directly to the base or take one last bite at the proverbial apple. When we arrived at the top of Bushwacker everyone decided a short hike would be worth what lay before us. Imagine, it's nearly four in the afternoon. We've very nearly had the resort to ourselves all day. And, at the end of the day, we were all delighted to have scored first tracks on our final run. How perfect!

Man, there's a lot of hoping going on in this rambling post! Anyway, I hope those that weren't in the group of powder-hounds enjoyed their day as much as I and - hopefully (there I go again hoping) - our group did. I'm only sorry that I didn't get to ski with everyone.

If you've read this far without falling asleep and drooling on your keyboard, I have three more things to add:

  1. I would like to thank everyone that came to ski at my home resort for the opportunity to meet and ski with you.

  2. I can't wait to read your reports.

    Finally, but very importantly</font>
  3. I would like to thank Kendall Card, Marketing Manager for The Canyons, for the very generous discount he provided on your lift tickets.</font>
Love and powder to all,


Can you blather on as I did above and not have to edit something :

[ January 27, 2004, 12:05 PM: Message edited by: Inspector Gadget ]
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Inspector, Here I am at work with a vary sore acheing body. It was a great day. the snow was fantastic, The Skiing great, and the company I had the privlage to ski with even better.
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i enjoy these kinds of reports.
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IG, thanks for the report. As I'm sitting here on the east coast waiting for the weekend. It's nice to know that some one is having fun.
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IG, a special thank you for your gracious hospitality! And an extra special thank you to Bonni, Skier J, Ryel and Just Ducky. I was experiencing some minor altitude problems, along with a mild case of frost bite, which Bonni picked up on. Combine that with being very used to eastern ice, I was having a challenging, but not unenjoyable day. My "smart friends" got me through it! [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
My "smart friends" got me through it!
I guess that means your "dumb friends" left you for dead.

Sorry about that.

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Thanks for the hospitality and intro to your mountain. Lots of fun and tell the wife she has a great place to eat.
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Inspector Gadget and Lodro,

Thanks a huge amount for playing hosts and tour guides for those of us who were lucky enough to ski with you on Sunday. You both were gracious and showed us a great time.

If you now showed me a trail map of The Canyons, I wouldn't even begin to be able to point out where I skied. After a few warm-up runs, I spent the day following these two guys from the tops of lifts to the tops of some great pitches with wonderful snow. Each run was a blast as we skied through some untracked, some soft chop, some powder bumps, and some trees.

It was great to look around and see other Bears enjoying themselves on the same run, time after time after time. In almost every case, we were the only ones skiing those runs.

Thanks again. If I can ever return the favor in Steamboat, just let me know.

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Inspector G.
I think it was awful nice for you to go out of your way to pick up a total stranger (me) at the airport.

I very much enjoyed the tour you and Miles provided on Sat at The Canyons. There is so much to be explored there we would not have found all the high-lites you guys shared with us in just a day on our own.
Thanks again,
Arc [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Inspector Gadget,

stmbtres already said very well what I intended to say.

I'll add that the first day at Canyons set me up for a great Academy - I skied better than I thought I could, and my confidence meter went up significantly.

I could even keep up with these mad rippers at the JH Gathering (though by now my legs are jelly).

Many, many thanks. It was a wonderful day and you were a great host. I hope to be able to return the favour sometime.
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Thank you so much for everything--fabulous lunch and hospitality at Lookout, DECENT discount on lift tickets [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] , most excellent tour of undivulged secrets of the Canyons : , and taking the time to get everyone together. Oh, and you couldn't have picked a better day...Where in the world did all that snow come from??? [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

Anyway, my kids loved skiing with your kids, plus they really enjoyed all the pandering from the staff at Lookout. And I want to second what Cedric said: I skiied by far my hardest and best to date that day on Sunday at the Canyons. Must be something about the company we keep. Julie, Adrienne, Cedric, stmbtres, bobthebuilder, tom, chris and debbie, utah49, lodro, whoever else I've forgotten, thank you for an unforgettable day!

And watch out for those "little drops"...

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I would also like to add my thanks to IG and Lodro. The abundant snow at the Canyons made it a very special experience, and with the help of IG (and Lodro as well) we were able to discover some amazing powder runs. Lunch was a delight as both, the food and the company were top class.

Some of the skiing was downright surreal for me. I never had this much powder and I never get to share the mountain with so few people. I consider myself very lucky to have been part of this experience. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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