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I bought a pair of head adaptedge 100 boots last season.  I have used them for a total of 8 days between last season and this season.  I feel they are too big as I am on the last notches of the buckles.


The liners are heat moldable but I have not had this done, and the foot beds are brand new as I use superfeet insoles.


These boots are in excellent condition.


I would like to trade them if possible for the same boot but a size smaller.  So if anyone has a 27 or a 27.5 and feels they are too tight for you that would be an ideal swap.


The shell size for 27 and 27.5 is the same as well as it is between the 28 and 28.5....the only difference is the thickness of the removable foot bed in the liner (as explained to me by HEAD).


Please contact me if at if you are interested in trading.