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So I am 16, and want to try the "ski bum" thing after I graduate. I am putting together a van to camper van conversion so theoretically I can move anywhere.


I am thinking on buying the Epic Pass for my first year at this, as I would get access to lots of resorts. Where I live now (Wisconsin), there isn't much :( Do any of you have any recommendations on how I should use it? It seems logical to go to the Colorado places first, as there closest, then move into Canyons/Utah and on to Tahoe. Although maybe some of you think Tahoe is better early in the season or something like that, I'm just looking for opinions. Also does anyone think it would be worth it to go to Verbier?


Another great deal would be the Squaw season pass, as I could camp out there and ski squaw/alpine all I wanted, then take trips to sierra and sugar bowl and maybe even whistler :)

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You're planning on living in the van... For a whole season? Have you looked into rules about that?
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How are you planning on affording this?  Even if you live in a van and make your own meals, it's going to cost some real bread.  Where will you park so that you're not hassled?  I imagine you'll want to take a shower once or twice, and what about a toilet?  You'll be doing this in the winter when it's cold (sometimes frigid, like single digits or below) and dark for long periods.  How will you react to 14 hour nights in a cold van by yourself?  You need to answer these questions and many more if you want to really do this.    Lift tickets will be the least of your worries.


If you are a person who thrives on physical stress and privation, or is really good at mooching, or has lots of money, or all of the aforementioned,  you can pull this off.  Otherwise, you may find yourself back home sooner than you had planned.


P.S.  Verbier is a tough drive from Wisconsin.

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Get a job at a resort and then you will not have to buy a pass and will make enough money to share a place with other ski bums.  This way you will meet friends to hang and ski with.  If possible get a job on the grooming crew so you can ski all day every day and work from 4ish to 11ish.

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