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Help with all mountain skis! [New England]

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So I am wanting to purchase my own pair of skis.  I have just been renting for many years now because I didn't want to put up with my old skis that I had basically skied to the ground, and wanted to get some newer technology.  But I have procrastinated, and finally I am making a decision so I can have some new ones for next season.  I have seen some used demo skis online that are in great shape and would like some insight.  I am choosing between the 2013 Nordica Sidecountry Burner and the 2014 Volkl RTM 80.  I ski in New England and am a pretty big guy.  I am mainly on Blues through Double-Blacks and am wanting a ski that will last me for a while.  Any insight on these skis would be greatly appreciated and I am also open to suggestions as well.  Just incase this helps the Burner is 84 underfoot, and as you probably guessed the RTM 80 is 80.

Thank you!


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Welcome to EpicSki.  If it were me and I had to choose between just those two I would pick the Nordica.  I haven't skied either but I have skied the RTM 84 and was quite impressed with it, but wouldn't have wanted it as my only ski.  The 84 and the 80 are both full rocker and while you can "carve" on them a more traditional ski, like the Burner will be better for the conditions you normally experience in New England.  My daily driver is a Nordica Steadfast which is a similar design as the Burner, 90mm vs 84mm.  The Steadfast has terrific edge grip on groomers, very responsive and quick edge to edge, very good in powder up to around 12" or even more and good in the bumps.  However, it isn't a snooze and cruise ski, you do need to pay attention.  I would expect the Burner to be pretty similar in behavior.

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I kind of have to agree with ^ Nordica has some gret skis in that line, IMO you want a all mountain ski more then a front side carver. They will everything a carver will do, if you have the skills, plus allow you to have more fun in the soft snow.

Make sure you take a lesson or two on the new skis.

Personally I love my Volkl Kendo's. But also enjoyed the Steadfast when I demoed it. May be check out www.skiessentials,com I just bought a pair of 2012 Skis from then, new in the wrapped.


Do a web search for the ski you think you want and check out the reviews and the pricing.
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Ok so it looks like Nordica would be the right option, they're cheaper anyways so hard to argue that.  If it help I ski mostly groomers and bumps on the steeps, with the occasional dip in the woods. Based on what you guys said the Burner would be better for that All-over aspect.  Anything on how they perform in the bumps, and do they initiate a turn quick enough for speed in the bumps?

Thank you!

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On ski essentials there were some good deals but none I'm my size really.

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Just do the web search when your ready or look around the local ski shops for last years deals.

You sound like someone who doesn't need the lastest gear out there.

One question, How old are your boot's and do they fit well ? ok may be two questions...
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My boots aren't too old and they fit quite well from at least my knowledge for a good fit.  And I don't see why I don't need the best I mean, I ski a lot, and I ski pretty hard.  But I just wanna ski on whats goods and not  heavy on the wallet.

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Found that a few days ago in another thread on here.


See what else they may have.


There a lot of good skis out there, at the higher end, it comes down to what each ski feels like to you.


Some of us love one ski and not some much on a different ski that someone else loves.


I'm not sure how much the tune on each ski effects how it skis.


If you ski pretty hard, then your boots should be fit by a boot fitter, or at least spend a few bucks for the boot fitter to make sure your in a good fit. Boots are really the most important part.


I know its late but see if you can demo a few of the skis to make sure you like them. Again a little money spent up front will have a long payback when you find a ski your happy with.

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Originally Posted by mtcyclist View Post

If it were me and I had to choose between just those two I would pick the Nordica...the Burner will be better for the conditions you normally experience in New England. 

Fully agree. Owned the Burner, not sure the Sidecountry Burner is same, but sounds like it, really underrated do-all ski. Had some guts to it, smooth, very supple in bumps, decent on ice, great in crud and rough snow. Would work well for a bigger guy. Not an A+ ski in any one thing but a B to B+ across the board. Have not skied the RTM, but from what I've heard it is more specialized. 


If you can't find a Burner at a good price, yep bet you can find this year's version of mtcyclist's Steadfast, another strong Nordica product that would also make you happy. 

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yes the deal on the Burner is very very good, I looked at the Steadfast, but just didn't want to spend the money.  From what I've read, the Sidecountry is basically the same ski, same dimensions, I couldn't tell the difference.  I also found the Atomic Smoke TI at a similar price as the Burners, any input on those?

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I owned the Burner's predecessor, the Afterburner; I suspect they haven't changed anything but the name.  I absolutely loved them but back then they came with a system binding that sucked.  Yes, they are pretty good in the moguls, carve pretty well, are really good in crud and cut up...as Beyond said, B to B+ across the board.  I skied them hard and retired them this year after 5 years use.

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