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proper length of a ski?

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I currently ski on the Nordica Steadfast 170cm.  I'm only 5'3" 135lbs.  It is a lot of ski.  It is not a problem on the groomers, but have to work extremely hard in the trees and bumps.  I ski primarily at Sunday River, Maine.  I'm an advanced skier.  I wanted to get a 2nd pair of skis and decided on Fisher Big Stix 166cm; but now second guessing myself (too long?).  Would I be better off with a junior ski or even a woman's ski....something I could get in the high 150's cm.  Thank you!

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you don't need a woman's or junior ski.

Every men's ski line has a smallest size that should work for your stats.  


I think you need to decide what kind of ski you want and what you want it for, and you can still stick in the men's line.


For sizing, you can go with the your height for advanced skiers, chin for beginners-for an all-mountain ski.


But need to consider the shape of the ski, and read reviews.  If the ski is twintip or has a lot of rocker, it potentially skis much shorter then the measured length.



If you're really interested, this is unsolicited but I do have a pair of 2012graphics  rossi s3 168 on demo bindings that I don't see myself skiing anymore; which skis in length about the same as a 160 all-mountain traditional ski.  It's super manueverable but gives up a bunch on the groomers.  Read some reviews, it's 1generation old now. and replaced by a s7 model, PM me if you are interested.

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I'm about 5'8" and ski a 170cm Steadfast as my daily driver and think the length is perfect.  So theoretically since you're 5" shorter you should be on skis that are 5" shorter, or about 12cm.  However the Big Stix 110 is a full twin tip with tip and tail rocker so it will ski shorter than the stated length, probably 5-6cm shorter.  So you should be fine with the 166.


And definitely stay away of junior skis.  

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Length doesn't mean much by itself IMO, its all aboutthe sidecut and flex pattern. A long ski with a soft flex and a big sidecut will ski easier than a short ski with less shape. I would look for a ski with a soft tip and a wide shovel, or a ski with a touch of rocker to help turn initiation.
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Thanks so much for the advice. I'm definitely now comfortable ordering the Big Stix 100 in a 166cm.....thanks for the replies
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