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what skis are you bringing?

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So now that weather has been addressed, does anyone think it warrants bringing the fat skis? Or just the carvers?

Or both? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Oh s$#t, I'm grinning again...

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Bringing the K2s
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Bring em if you got em; now wipe that smile off your face soldier!
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ahm braaannngin' the whol' shootin' match, son!

witch'd bee,,,,,,,,

160cm Fischer Worldcup SC
180cm Fischer Big Stix FX 8.6
173cm Black Diamond Havoc

haint bringin no T-bone
no mashed potato

[ January 21, 2004, 10:11 AM: Message edited by: gonzostrike ]
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I’ll bring all I got
Fischer SC 160cm (to make live E-Z)
Volkl 724 Pro 177cm (to keep things interesting)
Volkl Gotama 178cm (so we get some fresh and deep)
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I am coming with my tiny Elan HCX (154cm and 63mm waist). I will steal a longer and fatter ski if the conditions really require it. But the truth is that only wimps use long fat boards in powder. Real men use skiboards.

There you go! Now the chances of big dumps and lots of snow is infinitely improved.
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Real wimmen bring Phat Luvs, T9Xs, and a pair of Spires just cuz they match the outfit.
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My "superman" skis, They make me feel like I can ski anything!

Crossmax 10 / S912ti
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We're bringing our Blizzard FR18 twintip all mountain skis and if the snow warrants the investment will demo (or buy ) mid fats. Would love a pair of Stockli Stormrider XLs but they are pretty expensive in Oz.
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Two pair in the quiver.
K2 XT - 181cm - 68mm waist - 17m radius - for anything white
K2 XP - 174cm - 78mm waist - 18m radius - for crud-n-powder
Either will carve serious enough arcs.

My 161cm/12m Slaloms for the small hill where I ski them daily are staying home.
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Salomon Scream X-tra Hot -- 185cm
Salomon AK Pilot -- 195cm (just in case the snow gods are good to us!)

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I only one pair of skis , Atomic BetaRide 10.20, so they gotta do.
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My do-it-alls Nordica Beast 74. I talked to them, explained the importance of the event, and they promised to behave - not chatter in class or at high speed, hold edges when edges need holding, float when floating is indicated (subtle prayer for pow here), etc. Now the onus is on the owner to work them well
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Rossignol T-Power Viper S - 160cm
Salomon Pocket Rockets - 175cm

I greatly prefer the Pocket Rockets, even on the hardpack we've had the last few weeks with no new snow.
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So its settled then, bring what cha got, correct?


Atomic R:ex 168cm 86 mm waist
Volant Epic 165cm , well, skinny, who cares mm's?

Mr. sheskis will be goading the weather as well:

Atomic Sugar Daddies 180cm, 99mm waist
Salomon Pilot Scream 10 185cm

They're going in the bag right now, gotta go. And I'm terribly sorry, sir, the smile is on for good.

Nolo, real wimmin will be needin' a CABANA BOY waiting patiently for them to help them with their bags at the airport, don't you think? Envyin' them Phat Luvs, darlin'.

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What with all the corduroy we've had these last several weeks, I'm torn between my . . .

Kastle 218 DH's - pencil-thin waist


Volkl 210 Dream Ski's - likewise pencil thin waist

If that doesn't upset Ullr, reulting in a major powder extravaganza, I don't know what will. I better keep the AX4's at hand just in case.

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Did you get my PM about ride from airport tomorrow?
PM me with phone # and I'll call you.
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Originally posted by Arcmeister:
Did you get my PM about ride from airport tomorrow?
PM me with phone # and I'll call you.
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