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boot sole canting on recreational boots

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I started looking for new boots today.  My current ones have canting wedges on the boot soles.


Every single model of recreational boots I saw in the two shops I visited have screwed-in stuff on the bottoms;

none had solid soles.  Can any of these new models with screw-in stuff on the bottom be canted?  Some only have a small heel thingy

at the back end.  


I know that fit is most important.  But boot sole canting has been a part of my bootfitting all along.  To get my skis level on the snow if my knees are bent at all I need those wedges.


I tried on race boots, but warmth is an issue with me.  I can't wear boots that leave my toes cold.  I have Reynaud's Syndrome.  Got suggestions?

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One of the cleanest solutions (if it fits) is to buy a Lange. There are cant strips made by a company called "Cantology" that will fit perfectly right under the screw on soles of the RX and RX-LV models. Then you'll plane the top of the lugs and be done with a nice vibram-type sole for walking around. Naturally, they won't fit everybody (almost though) and there are a lot of flexes available.


Don't be afraid of solid sole "race boots" 80% of the instructors that we sell boots to buy something like a Lange RS-RX 100-130 or a Nordica-Tecnica 100-130. Most "rec" boots are too sloppy in fit unless you happen to have a really big foot.


If you are boot shopping in the right places, they'll know about this.



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Thanks, SJ.  But I think you misunderstood my post.  I don't care about walking around.  I don't want the vibram soles on current recreational boots.  I want a non-race boot (because of its warmth, not for any other reason) with a solid sole that can be planed down so a canting wedge can be put on it.  So far every recreational boot I've seen on the shelf has those fancy walking-around soles in bright colors, with screws holding them to the bottoms of the boots.


The only reason I don't want a race boot is that they are cold.  I have to have warmth in the boot.  I've always heard that race boots are cold because their liners are intentionally thin.  I ski and teach all day, and have Reynaud's Syndrome.  I've had Hotronics in my boots for years, and still need boot gloves in addition on normal days.  I worry that race boot liners will drop the temperature of my feet more than rec boot liners. But if race boots are being made in a way that keeps feet warm, then I'll buy a race boot. 


Or I guess I could buy a race boot in a size too big and buy intuition liners and have them put in.  But that's extra $$. 

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Oh wait a minute.  I just re-read your post.  Looks like I misread your post.  Whoops...

You are saying that Lange boot has after-market wedges available. that can be screwed in place of the normal walking vibram soles....  I'll go look for this.  


I suppose that Lange (if it fits) may need duct tape across the toe, or is it only their race boots that leak?  If they leak water, then surely they also leak air.....  Still thinking about coldness and my normally cold toes.


Yes, the race boots I tried on fit better than all the others.  I have a narrow, low volume foot.  What do you think about intuition liners inside a race boot?

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You got it right in your second post. The cantology strips are not a Lange product but they make strips specifically for Langes (among others). The reason that I suggest a Lange rec boot over some others is shell shape. Many of the "rec" boots out there and I'll pick an example out of the sky and use Dalbello, have a very vague internal shape and they are often very high volume in the midfoot/ankle area. When you look into a Lange, you see more defined shapes, a closer fit in the midfoot/navicular area and a narrowish heel. This shape translates to far more control over your skis and much more response to your subtle ankle movements.


Lange makes boots with very good shapes in 97mm, 100mm and 102mm and the two wider ones do not have exceptionally thin liners. You can use an intuition very easily in the wider boots and sometimes in the narrower one as well (we just did one yesterday). If you have a narrow foot in a roomy boot and a big pillowy liner, you are running the risk of having to overbuckle the boot in order to have some semblance of control and you might actually be cutting off circulation and defeating some of the purpose of having the big boot in the first place.


It's a fair bet that you'll still want hottronics and possibly boot gloves as well just as you do now, but for sure, you'll ski better.



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Thanks, Jim.

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