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Some friends and I got into a debate last night, yes beer was involved. We were discussing environmental impact of skiing.

my greatest environmental worry about skiing is the bumps we create on the hill.  they just have to "do something".

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Any thoughts?     

Sure…drive high mileage vehicles and go in groups. A Prius with snow tires will get you to the skiing with no problem and 50 mpg average up and down.


Ramp that up with a plug-in that pushes mileage up to 100 mpg if the resorts provide plug in facilities (20 miles up and back on electric before engine kicks in).  Those on Federal land should be required to meet plug in demand.


The lifts and snow pumps run on sustainable wind power electric.  We can pay extra to support that on our season tickets.


130 miles round trip, 50 mpg for round trip for Spring skiing (clear roads, warmer weather).  40 mpg if cold and the road is snow covered.  60 gallons of gas a year for skiing.  Doesn't count trips to Whistler (by car) or Park City, fly and no car there.

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