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Powder Companion to MX83?

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145lb, level 7 skier, 5'7".


I've been skiing on my new MX83's and absolutely love them. Out west this year, I did run into a few situations where I could have benefited from true powder skis.


I know there are a lot of threads out there already, but I'm wondering if there are any particular boards that would complement the MX83's and my style of relatively aggressive skiing. 

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I guess I depends "how-powder" you want to go.


I ski the MX78 178cm as my DD at my local groomer hill  ( 5'9" 175 lbs ).


I just grabbed some FX94 176cm a couple days ago to be my "travel ski"  ( haven't arrived yet )

Great reviews here at Epic ( see Dawgcatching ) for its all-around performance.

I wanted a versatile ski -> groomer performance, chop & crud, some early rise, and moderate width for float.  Can't wait to get them here and mounted up.   And yeah, I'm a Kastle fanboy.


In the Kastle camp, you could also consider the BMX98 or BMX108 ?


For a non-Kastle ski, another consideration is the DPS Wailer 99 ( Pure3 or Hybrid construction).

My pal has them in Pure build, along with 112RP Pures, and the 99 are a great all-rounder too IMO.

For MY style and likes/needs ( something damper ) if I were to get the 99's,  I'd get the 99 in Hybrid construction  ( and also cheaper at $800 vs $1250 for the carbon fiber skis ).


I also snagged some V-Werk Katana 177cm as they were too sexy and too cheap to pass up on.

Great review at Blister Gear site, and some comments here at Epic.



Of course the Blizzard Bonafide and Cochise gets lots of love here too.


Hopefully others will chime in.   Good luck in the hunt !


- Andy

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Thanks Andy. I'm seriously considering the dps 112rp pures. I've read a bunch about them here. Just curious what length woild be most appropriate for me.
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The Pures are a great investment if your concern is uphill performance (IE with Dynafits) but not worth the extra 50% just as a powder ski. A "charging" big ski for a slammer guy like you, @145 lb, you don't need a lot of width for float, something in the one oh something range would work well, El Capo or even a Vagabond could be great options. Cochise or Gotama are two more. As far as length, upper 170's of you are more into bowls and figure 11's, lower 170's in trees and fluff bumps. 

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My hard pack ski is a Kastle MX83 and my soft snow ski is a Blizzard Bonafide. While many people will say that a powder ski should be over 100mm wide I'm not in that camp because I don't want to float on top of the powder.  Unlike the skiers that you see in the ski flicks I would rather slow down, sink in, and crank as many turns as possible in the powder.


I love skiing thigh deep and waist deep powder BUT the reality is that most of the powder that I get to ski is knee deep or less. So ask yourself how wide of a ski is needed to ski the powder that you normally get to ski.

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I'm a believer in the smaller MX's (have MX88's in two quivers), and also have and love the MX 108's in the same quivers, but sadly it's no longer available, and the BMX108 doesn't compare in virtually any way (bought them and sold them within 2 days), so I wouldn't suggest those.


As one of the skis Phil has mentioned, I have the Cochise in the WB quiver, and when the snow's deep and fresh, they come out, then the MX108's will play afterwards when a crud-busting tank becomes the order of the day.


As long as the snow's not too hard, the Cochise can play all over the hill. It also is in the same vein as the MX's in skiing style, so suggest you may want to make a demo run and see what you think.

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Would a Line SFB fit in with his needs, or possibly too soft ?

It too gets touted as a great all-rounder, and 108 underfoot.

The SFB is one ski I still have to try for myself.


- Andy

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Finally was able to use my new DPS 112RP 184cm (got great deal from ARL67 earlier this year) in 17" of new pow in New Mexico. At 5' 7" and 145lb, I was originally concerned about the 184cm length being a bit too long, but after skiing them, they seemed awesome.

I'm just curious what if anything I am missing by not going with say the 178cm size for my height/weight? Seems like the 6cm difference on a ski with a much shorter running length would be immaterial. smile.gif

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Dps can ski short, so you are not missing much. The longer lengthy will give you more float and marginally more stability.. Normal size guys trend to go for 190, so your choice is not unusual. Looks like you showed them and had a blast, so why make any changes,?
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