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Solomon x pro 120

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I was thinking about getting a pair of salomon x pro 120 boots. I have a wide hard to fit foot. I was hoping these would work out.....looking for a warm, high performance, and comfortable boot. I was hoping the new baking process would be perfect. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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Any information on the salomon x pro 120 would be greatly appreciated. Looking for a high performance boot with warmth and comfort. I was hoping the baking process would be a great solution...... Any insight would be fantastic!
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I was very interested in the salmon x pro 120. I have a hard foot to fit, very wide, and was hoping the baking process would work.....looking for a high performance, warm, and comfortable boot. Any insight would be great!
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In one of your previous posts didn't you say you're 5'3"?  Because if you are these boots will be way too stiff for you, unless you're about 190 pounds.  Also, what is your age?

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I'm 135 lbs. 42 years old. I've skied in the Lange rx 120 with no problem...... So I thought the salomon x pro 120 would work, as long as they would be wide enough.....and if you thought they were a good boot. Thanks for any information .
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The boots are only good if they fit your feet and the only way you will know that is to go to a boot fitter.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about fitting and terminology, then check the "Who's Who" to see if there is a fitter listed near you.  If there is, make an appointment and see what the fitter has to offer.  If there isn't one listed, ask here and someone will be able to recommend a fitter.  Either way, forget pre-conceived ideas about any particular boot.

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I had a store-type fitter who suggested the x pro 120. I was pretty much on board, but he kept telling me the Fischer vac process was better (their boots, incidentally, were also a lot more $$$). Also, I'm north of 220 lbs, so I would have preferred the stiffer x pro 130, but they didn't have my size. Anyway, I went home and I did some reading on other threads here about other people's bad experiences with these "mold-job" boots, and decided to take a gamble on some Alpina Xthor 130 and ordered them direct from Alpina. IMHO it turned out better than any boot I had on my foot during this really frustrating search for new boots that took me to any shop I could find that was remotely within driving distance. This boot is "wide" only in that the shape is a little different that the typical "pointy toe" boot molds, otherwise, it's really an "average width" boot, but this is coming from someone who was told my foot and calf were way to wide for 90% of the boots out there and they fit me perfectly.
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I've recently purchased these. I have wide fitting feet and have broken both ankles in my younger days. My feet measured 106 so really on the wide side. Took a couple of attempts at custom fitting to get it right but having now completed a couple of weeks on these, they're great. Very comfortable and flex seems fine for me (I'm 6'2", about 180 and ski the whole mountain with reasonable speed).
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