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Jacket Comparison

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Hi everyone... Can anyone compare the Marmot Dropin to the Marker Cosmic (both insulated) ski jackets in terms of which is better as a cruiser jacket in 20-30 degree weather on the slopes? Thank you.
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FWIW, I like a shell, with a 200wt fleece under it for most day's. My insulated Marker jacket I only wear when it's single digits or colder F.

I have a light weight Cloudvail that I wear when it's wet out, my yellow TNF shell has more layers and is good for most day's. If it's starting out inthe 40'sF I'll wear a wind proof fleece with my normal base layer and light weight zip T neck.

I guess the answer is...there is no simple answer. But I hope you get the idea.

FWIW, I buy all my base layers from either or Great stuff, low prices, my 200wt Campmor pants are over 20 y/o still work great.
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