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topskin repair

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how to repair gouges on a ski's topskin? Or should I just take the skis into a shop? Thanks for the advice.
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Here is what I do depending on how bad the gauge is:

- if it is just a scratch, why bother? These are not the topskins that make a ski ski.

- if it is deep enough to expose the core, but there is no structural damage, fill it with epoxy to prevent moisture getting in.

- if there is structural damage to the core, seek advice from a ski-shop.


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There's definite core exposure, but I don't think there's any deeper damage. I'll try the epoxy idea.

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Before you apply epoxy:
a) use low grit sandpaper to rough up the surface you gonna put epoxy over
b) clean the surface with acetone

Use epoxy with highest elasticity

If the gauge is deep (epoxy layer becomes more than ~1/8" thick) add a strip (or two) of fabric to the epoxy. Apply like that: thin coat of epoxy over the gauge, lay fabric strip, another coat of epoxy so that fabric is fully saturated, continue until the gauge is filled. Epoxy is pretty brittle by itself, fabric adds elasticity.

If you wanna get fancy, you can add a powder of topskin matching color to epoxy. For example sugar powder works great for white color skis (not many of those left though).

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Thanks for the great advice, VK. Funny thing, my skis ARE white - i ski the Salomon 1080 moguls.
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Another thing to add: make shure that the gouge is dry before putting the epoxy in. If it is not dry it could cause more probs down the line.
Other than that he's got it perfect.
Also with epoxy, they make certain epoxy's made for skis and things that flex, as posted above, be shure to get one of these. If it is not a flexible epoxy the repair will pop out.
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this just happened to me on Sunday.
I've taken nasty chunks from top and bottom in two consecutive weeks.
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