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Does anyone know what Head / Tyrolia recommends for setting the bindings on Head's 94cm skiboard? The product first was called the Liner, then name changed to Big Easy. I think it's the same product, just a name change and cosmetics on topsheet changed. Unlike other skiboards, it comes with releasable bindings preinstalled - Tyrolia Sympro bindings, look like demo bindings to me.

I picked up a pair off eBay and took them to local shop for binding check. They set the bindings at the same DIN as my regular 170 cm skis.

I asked if this made sense given different length and virtually no tail on the skiboard, so different pressures on heel. I also asked the shop to check with Head or Tyrolia about this; they did not. I also asked them, again to no avail, to consider a recommendation from the cheerfully-named website to reduce heel binding setting by 60%.

Here's what recommends. The link is at :

One product that did come out recently was the Headliner® - a skiboard fitted with the Tyrolia Sympro 4 alpine rental binding. It is available in one size, 94cms with a 4m turn radius and a sidecut of 129/90/114. It has a wood core and last year was retailing for about £180. One site selling the product online is here. If you use this product, it is recommended that you reduce the heel binding setting by 60% to ensure that it will release. For example, if your normal DIN setting is 7 then set the heel binding for 0.4 x 7 = 3. The toe setting should remain unchanged. I received a lot of feedback from folk who had followed this advice when using Headliners and they all felt that it worked well.
In general, the site looked pretty well-researched and the advice made sense to me given there's so much less of a "lever" behind the binding on the board. I understand my shop probably had liability concerns and did not want to depart from standard DIN settings, but I'd change it myself if appropriate and in particular if Head / Tyrolia concurred with the 60% reduction recommendation. But I couldn't find anything on their website so I'm wondering if anyone here has any information or thoughts on this.