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Social Notes

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There are two social evenings as bookends to ESA, the Opening Night Party and the Closing Night Banquet. The Party will feature light snacks and drinks (yes, there will be alcohol available). The fare won't be a substitute for dinner, especially if you've been skiing all afternoon, so please plan to dine before or after the gig. The banquet will be at Tony Roma's Ribs and the dress is casual.
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Must one be an Academy participant? Or, can an interloper such as myself attend? Hmmm??

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We don't need no stinkin interlopers.

Good question!
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Is it open season on Interlopes? And are they like Antelopes?

I reckon if IG pays, say $750, then we might be able to let him come along to the meals...

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Sure, people can come to the party or the banquet! You'll need to pay your freight, of course, but more is definitely merrier.

Just send a note to academy@augcen.com and I'll give you a quote. Please let me know today because tomorrow I am giving the caterers our final numbers.
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
I reckon if IG pays, say $750, then we might be able to let him come along to the meals...
Hey Fox, amazingly enough, that is exactly what your room rate is!

I'd like to drop in for a beer or two. Might even drive the Fox.
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I just found out Helen and I will be in Salt Lick City 1/28-1/31. She will be doing some bizness but I can ski. If it doesn't upset the apple cart we will see about making it for the closing night bash. If we are too late to pay up for food and drinks, maybe we can show up a bit late meet a few people and maybe catch some of y'all for a later dinner.

Sheeesh, talk about last minute planning. And sorry nolo for rocking the boat.

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If you want to come to the banquet, we have to tell the restaurant ahead of time that you will be dining. The charge is $25 per person and I will need to know by Jan. 22 at the latest.

[ January 14, 2004, 09:50 PM: Message edited by: nolo ]
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And in between the two Official Parties, the "Unoffical Party Central" will be in one of our rooms at the Extended Stay America in Sandy...

Stop on by for a cold one, and to shoot the s#*t about skiing!

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I'll attend both official parties and any number of unofficial ones I can gatecrash.
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