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Fisher big stix 100

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Could anyone give me some advice on these skis..... Very hard to get an opinion on these skis ..... Fisher big stix 100... Thank you
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I believe they are pretty much the same ski as the Big Stix 98, and before that the Watea 98.  You might try searching for those.  FWIW I really like them, especially for soft/mixed snow and did OK on hard pack but not a carving machine (get a Progressor or Motive for that part of the quiver).  Fun ski, very light and nimble, and great in bumps for a 98-100 width.  I almost bought them, but decided to go with a slightly wider Head Rev 105 in part because a local dealer had a great deal on a closeout pair.  I'd have been happy with the Watea/Big Stix.

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Thanks for the response...... Can't decide between the big stix 100 or the volkl bridge
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Good review on the 110 version here, if that helps shed any light:

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