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Experience 83

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I am an intermediate skier I am 5 9 and 230lbs (ya I should drop a few lol) right now I have a set of experience 74 166's and tried my buddies 174 E 83 and they felt way better to me as in more stable and more responsive. There is a sale going on and all I can get in the 83 is 168. looking up on the calculators I think the 174 would be a better option what do you guys think?



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IMO, buying that ski would be a mistake at your weight. I've skied it and it isn't super burly. Go longer.
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The two most important factors in determining the right ski length are skier skill and skier weight. Your weight suggests the need for a longer ski. So if you skied your friend's longer ski and you liked it, then maybe a longer ski is what you need.,


My advice, for what it is worth, is don't make a purchase based on price but rather make the decision based on what ski is best even if it costs more. The  Rossignol E83 is a very good ski (and easy to turn) and it sounds like 174cm is better suited for your weight and likely your skills will improve with the better longer ski.

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Thanks guys I decided to go for the longer ones I am sure i will be better off in the long run. Thanks for the input
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