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Originally Posted by dfboiler View Post

Ps. Why Troll?

Because making the statement "carving turns is what makes you an expert"..... around here is usually floated in the forum for the sheer joy of the ensuing chaos that can follow.  Another good one I've noticed is the "hucking cliffs makes you an expert"...... or how about "skiing 60+ mph makes you an expert".... or "if you haven't skied Goat at Stowe you can't possibly be an expert"....  In the short time I've been here I've seen a good number of statements made in reference to what makes one an expert and in a good number of instances the statement was made purely to illicit reactions.  Hence the troll reference.  The waters in this thread have been chummed to death.  If such was not your intent, then please accept my humble apology.......


In summation I submit the following.......  :deadhorse:

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Gotcha, the statement was meant to be a slight jab based on some of the posts I've read, but not in a malicious or devious way, just for fun... Further research and searches for troll on this sight, I see what you mean. There seems to be a lot of new school, old school, pseudo new school, pseudo pseudo new school confusion, I can't tell which promotes which. Consider the horse glue.
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I've never skied outside of Michigan so I know I'm not an expert!!  :eek  I do, however, fully intend to change that.  I think one of the Epic Ski gatherings would be a great opportunity to get out west with people who know the terrain.  An opportunity to ski with a bunch of experts :duck:is something I would cherish.  I need to work more on my mogul/bump skiing and will be opening next season on the local mogul runs to improve that. 

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Well in Michigan I guess it's if you can ski Bohemia you're an expert?

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Bohemia is on the list for next year.  I ski with my 13 yr. old son and this was his first season.  While he will ski the local blacks (which are really blues imho) he doesn't quite have the control necessary to hit Bohemia yet.  I've been amazed at how quickly he progressed.  I'm going to put him through the patch program next year with the school's ski club.  Myself, as stated previously, want to work on my bump and mogul skills some more.  I can ski them, but not with the speed and control at speed that I'd like to.  The big problem with where I live is you can only progress so far locally.  The (3) 400-450' vertical feeder hills we have here only have so much to offer. 


On a side note....the lil man says he wants to try snowboarding next year and I selfishly fear I will lose my ski buddy to the terrain parks.  Sigh......

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you can do what my Dad did when I told him I no longer wanted to ski on my beginner 175cm Fischers and wanted a longer set of Gs skis. he said, no problem, when you can buy your own equipment go for it. I skied the Fischers till High School.
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Originally Posted by COBillsFan View Post

Those guys who ski the Midwest are the real experts here.


Actually it was a banner year for snow in the midwest this year. Actually saw lots of kids "skiing the trees" between the runs... all 10 feet of them!
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