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I had an odd day of skiing.  First turn on first run, my legs felt shot.  Specifically, deep burning pain in upper front part of leg right below the hips.  I gutted it out and skied for the day but the burn was there every turn.  I've never had that happen before on the first run unless it was my third day in a row skiing.  Does anyone know what muscle or tendon that might be?  


Anyway, the only rationale I can think of is:


- I was in the car for 2:45 on the way to the hill and something tightened up.  I didn't do anything strenuous the day before (and wasn't sore) but  i did play squash and trampoline two days before.  


- I just had the skis tuned and it they are over-sharp my opinion (if such a thing exists) and i felt I was fighting the skis a bit


I'm trying to figure out what muscle / tendon is the cultprit so I can strengthen it or stretch it heading into my next day of skiing.


Anyway, it was a bit disturbing and I don't really want to experience it again as it certainly degraded the enjoyment of the day.