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Fisher big stix 100

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Hi, I was very interested in the Fisher big stix 100 166 cm length. Does anyone have any information or own a pair? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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Last year I was out in Jackson and was lucky enough to find a pair of Big Stix 110 in 176 in the demo fleet. The day before I was on Rossi S7 and was not thrilled with them. There was some new snow, crud, pretty much could find all types of snow somewhere on the mtn. Once I found the Fischers I was hooked. They skied everything well for me. I had never been on a ski that wide before. I was amazed how nimble they felt, even in the bumps, trees etc. So at the beginning of this season I picked up a pair of the 98's for everyday east coast skiing. They are great skis. I like the camber and early rise, turns are fun and easy. They handle boiler plate better than expected. No chatter at speeds unless the snow is really hard. Probably one of the lightest skis I've been on. They do ski a bit short at high speed but that's not what they are made for. They are just pure fun, get some!
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I have the 98's at 186cm and love them.  They ski shorter than they are and they're so light and playful.  I went out to a demo day recently and everything I tried felt heavy and cumbersome compared to them.  The whole time I just wanted to be back on them.

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The Clymb has Fisher Big Stix 110 in 166 for $250.

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Thank you so much for the replies… I am definitely going to get a pair! Very helpful insight.
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I ski the Big Stix 110 at 186 cm. It definitely skis shorter than it measures. Surprisingly playful for a ski so wide and surprisingly nice carver. It does give up some float so you need to ride it further back in the really deep, but that is an acceptable sacrifice in New England skiing.

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Thanks so much...can't wait to ski it. Tough ski to get any information about, especially in New England. I wanted as a 2nd ski, when we actually get some snow and you are able to hit the bumps and trees. Already have the steadfast by Nordic which is great on the groomers, but throws you around in the moguls and have to work really hard to zip through the trees
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