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Tuckerman Ravine trip - Page 4

Poll Results: When would you be available to hike Tuckerman?

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    April 19-20
  • 83% of voters (5)
    April 26-27
  • 16% of voters (1)
    May 3-4
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Originally Posted by qcanoe View Post

Hmm. Wildcat is still going, huh?

Yes they are! I think they need all the good will they can get to recover from the epic failure that their snow-making system had this year. Business was WAY down from previous years. Word I got from staff is that Ttcket sales down 50%, revenue down 30%, lessons down 60%. I have yet to hear the season pass renewal numbers, but I imagine they can't be good. They always stay open late in the game, and that is even more important this year. Multiple areas in NH were open last weekend so they had to open back up this weekend in order to maintain their "last to close in NH" title.

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From what I saw on  Tuesday, about  1/2 of their trails looked in pretty good shape. One side of the mountain was pretty bare (left side, looking up) but the other side had pretty good cover. I wasn't sure if it was the direction and sun exposure or if that is where the snow making was concentrated.

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