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'70's Scott poles.

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Any one know where i can find a pair of 48" scott strapless (pistol grip) poles?  Had a pair and really like them much better than straps..  Why does no one use them anymore, they were great, if you wiped out you could throw em and not get poked or sprained wrist. Same with safety straps, i used to use  the 6'  (long tongth) straps and wiped out on a dbl black diamond and still have a scar on my right eyebrow from the ski edges because of those damn straps brakes are so much better.  I've looked on ebay and seen k2 strapless but HORRIBLE orange color. yuk lol

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I simply get rid of the straps on my poles... don't like them so I don't use them! In case you can't find what you are looking for just cut them off of you poles!


Still see lots of folks skiing with poles like the ones you are looking from, but I think you would only find if you are lucky! say at yard sale or at a friend's garage! :-)

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Have a pair of 50" blue and silver shafts with white grips. they are gathering dust in the garage, if that is of interest.


PM if you want them.

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They quit making the grip with the thumb on top of the pole due to thumb injuries from it being a little more exposed than when tucked down with the fingers away from the end of the poles.  Not sure why there aren't many other strapless pole grip options though.  I see them in thrift stores around here pretty frequently though and we are three hours from the mountains.

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thumb on top also cause shitty hand position in pole touches. 

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Story is the pistol grip was associated with too many shoulder injuries.  I have some pistol grip Scott poles.  Seems people tend to hang on to them too well.  Coincidentally I have injured shoulders during a couple of falls.  I also managed to hurt my thumb when using thumb while using normal strapped poles (using strap properly).


The pistol grip does indeed interfere with pole touches  (in an effort to become more of an all-around skier, I've been practicing short radius non-carved speed controlling turns complete with pole touches lately).

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Go with the modern, better version of the Scott poles: Komperdell Sabre Grip.


The Kompdell Sabre grips are strapless and have a passive-release design on the back of the hand so it's impossible to get your hands caught in the grips, even in trees, tight spaces, etc. If the pole is yanked in any direction, either your hand slides out out the hole or out the back "flap" area. It's quite ingenious.  And yet they still sorta feel like a pistol grip, minus the bad design of yesteryear.


My only issue is that if you have really large bear paws for hands, then the opening height might be a bit too short. But for "normal" hands, should be fine unless you use utterly massive mitts on your hands.

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Ski with them everytime


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My wife will not part with her 35 year old pistol grip poles - just loves them.


I cut the straps off of my modern poles 5 years ago and have never looked back.

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Originally Posted by mgrezmer View Post


I cut the straps off of my modern poles 5 years ago and have never looked back.

I did the same thing with the straps on my modern boots..

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Or leave the straps on and just don't put your hand through them. The straps are useful for long skates and climbs and to hang them in a ski rack.

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Not 100% sure how to describe this but kinda like Oldgoat said; place your fingers perpendicular to the pole. Put your fingers straight through the strap but not your thumb  (as opposed to your entire hand up and through the strap)............. grab the pole............ the inner part of the strap will lay against the grip in the palm of your hand and the outer part will lay against the back of your hand. If you open your hand to release the pole, the strap will easily slide off avoiding potential arm injury. Never had an issue this way despite many mishaps.............


Had a pole catch in some scrub during a launch, opened my hand and the strap easily released off my fingers.....although pole remained stuck at the top of the cliff......... uggh!

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Saw  the komperdell', and i like em so that's  how I'll be going, thanks for the link.  Just an fyi, i started skiing at age 3, by age 6 was skiing cannon mt in nh started jr racing the same yr. Skiid at all  the major mts in ne and wengen  switzerland, was a member of franconia ski clb (racing team) with Bode's uncles peter (bubba) Kenny and his brother mike, remember abbi fisher as  being just another little kid lol.  Now in pa so big mts with  much vertical, powder etc isn't gping to be an option, the scotts i used to have always had good plant even on ne boilerplate don't remember the thumb being on top and, not bragging now, but in all honesty can't remember last time i fell.

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