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Size 10-10.5 &118mm width.

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I've been looking for super wide boots for a while and I was leaning towards Daleboot. But now I hear that they can only go to 115mm wide. If I could blow out my old Nordica's wide enough why can't Daleboot? Any other suggestions? I really like what they offer but is Strolz my only real choice without spending a winter in pain tweaking?
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104mm on a size 26 is wide and this goes up 2-3mm per size. 


so an wide size 28 is 110mm.  you are 8mm more then this, or 4mm per side of the boot.


Not THAT hard to make a boot 4mm per side for a good shop...   No need that I see to go dale/strolz (nothing wrong with them, but not your olny option for sure)


best to look for a good store/person in your area, and let them help you

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There's only 1 bootfitter in my area that has been able to fit me and he's now a 1.5 hour drive to visit. Last time we got it right it was 2-3 visits a month and took all winter. I don't have the time or patients for that now. He also had to stretch the boot up for my high instep as he stretched the width. I guess I'm between SLC for Daleboot or New Hampshire for Strolz and I live right in the middle of both options.
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you actually have not found a good guy yet.........


a good guy will properly assess your foot and lower leg, then match you to the best initial choice of brand, model and size. a good guy will make the necessary adjustments to get you comfortably out on the hill. a good guy will be able to fix whatever problems that occur after break-in with one additional visit, not 2 or 3 for the course of the winter.


you cannot buy the final fit that solves your problem with this product or that product. you buy satisfaction by actually communicating honestly with that good guy that you have still not met.


best of luck



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