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I'm an East Coast skier (VT/NH/ME) looking for a new pair of skis.  This will be my only pair of ski's so I'm looking for an all mountain ski.  Realistically, I am skiing 70% front side, with 30% in the trees and bumps.  I'm also interested in an AT setup to skin occasionally.  I'm 6'0", 195#, intermediate skier.


I demoed the following ski's this season on 2 separate occasions:

#1- 18" fresh powder:

2014 Nordica Steadfast, 178 cm

2014 Volkl Kendo, 177 cm

2014 Blizzard Brahma, 180 cm


#2- 2" groomed:

2015 Nordica NRG 90, 177 cm

2015 Blizzard Bondafide, 180 cm

2015 Blizzard Brahma, 180 cm

2015 Volkl Mantra, 177 cm

2014 Volkl Kendo, 177 cm


On my first demo day, there was a snow storm the night before and dumped 18".  I tried the Kendo and it felt solid, it blasted through everything.  It felt like they were a pair of bulldozers.  However, it didn't make me say "wow!". 


Next, I tried the Brahma and it was a totally different ski.  I think I couldn't adjust (lack of experience/skill?) to the tail rocker, as I constantly felt out of balance coming out of my turns and didn't feel as stable as the Kendo.  I think the deeper snow made it more pronounced.


At the end of the day, the Kendo was my top pick.


On my second demo day, the mountain received 2" of fresh snow and was groomed.  As luck would have it, a local ski shop was demoing 2015 models.  The shop was raving about the 2015 Mantra's so I gave it a try.  I was surprised at how much I liked them.  It gave me the "wow" factor I was missing in the Kendo.  The 2015 Bonafides were also great.  However, I'm looking for a demo/sale skis, so the Mantra isn't an option at this time.


I also tried the 2015 Brahma (same as 2014 with updated graphics).  The Brahma felt very different on the groomed trails and trees, I didn't feel off balance and was more connected to the snow as before.  It felt similar to the Kendo but a little more playful and not as stiff.


So, as of now, I'm considering the following skis (all 2014):

Kendo, Brahma, Bonafide


I've done lots of reading on the Kendo and know it's a very popular OSQ East Coast ski, and is a popular choice for an AT setup (considering the Baron or Guardian).  I don't know as much about the Brahma and Bondafide in comparison to the Kendo.  Any insight or help would be appreciated!  Ski's are going on sale so going to jump on a deal soon.  Thanks!