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A Killington spring pass is now on sale good for all days until close for $199 + 
tax. If you have any Ktickets you can use up to 2 against the price of the 
pass.If you have a Killington express  card or midweek pass you can get the 
spring pass for $179 + tax => $191. 
However, Killington is having a N'or Beaster Festival this coming weekend and 
via that site I was able to buy the Spring Pass for $179 + tax. Using the link below select 3/22 as your start date and the $179 spring pass offering will be displayed.
You only have to ski 2 weekend days and one week day to be even with K58 ($58 weekend) 
and K38 ($38 weekday)tickets. 
Window prices are $89 weekends and $80 weekdays.
A GREAT deal and skiing / coverage is excellent - especially after the 2' dump last week. 


Falcon_O aka Charlie

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