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I recently upgraded from a pair of Atomic Beta Race 9'16s from back in the late 90s to the new Elan Amphibio 88xti.  It was an easy switch.  I tried to go back to the old Atomics the other day, and it was a struggle all day long.  


One of the problems I noticed was that the edges didn't seem to grab evenly.  In a side slip situation, I would feel the tips and tails grab at times causing some quick and uneven torques.  I would be sliding smoothly and all of a sudden the tip would grab hard and the ski would twist.  I remember experiencing this when they were the only ski I was using, but not nearly as bad.  I felt it more with my right foot than my left, and I attributed it to things like one foot being stronger, or remnants of an old injury.  


Its not the same feeling as leaning fore and aft while side slipping, its more of a sudden grab.  


Any ideas what is going on here?