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Coming Back to Skiing

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Hello Experts!


After a bit of a hiatus (~10 years) I'm hoping to get back into skiing. I used to ski a lot in Quebec and N.E., but haven't done any serious skiing in years (I've been snowboarding for the most part). I'm living on the West Coast now and frequently go to Whistler. I usually try to get at least a day on skis every year when I can borrow a pair from friends and after a couple days this year I've decided that I want to get my own pair so that I can get out as often as I want.


I'm 6'1", 210 lbs and am looking for something that is a decent all-mountain since the conditions can vary quite a bit from waste-deep powder to skied out and hard-packed in a day. I'm hoping to pick up a pair at an end-of-season sale as I'm not looking to spend a fortune (under $700 with bindings), but for the right skis I'll be willing to pay more as I take excellent care of my gear. Feel free to ask any more questions to get whatever info you may need out of me to make a better recommendation. 


Thanks in advance pros!



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Well welcome to epic Mr. Van!

What length and width, models have you been skiing on and what has been your experience of them?

Used with bindings can often be a good bet too.


Here's a choice right now:

Steadfast 90mm 178 cm long;

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What do you have for boots?  First things first;)

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Hey guys, thanks for the responses!


For skis I've been using my friend's Salomon Q-105s and I want to say they're 181. I figured that they would be a bit too long for me (he's a couple inches taller than me, so I knew what I was getting myself into) but otherwise they were really nice. That being said, they definitely more at home in powder than they did on piste (or really anything else for that matter). Otherwise I had a (very brief) day on Volkl Bridge 179s, but it was such a miserable day out that I only had a couple runs on them before our group called it quits, so I didn't get much time on them. 


As for boots, I had been using that same friend's Atomic Live Fit 80, and he wasn't a big fan so is willing (for now, anyway) to sell/give them to me for next year. He's not 100% sure whether he's going to get a new pair though, so I'm waiting on that to find out whether boots need to be on the shopping list as well.


I also definitely have no aversions to picking up a used pair with bindings.



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