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I was hoping people can help me find a nimble and fast ski that is a good compromise for my average day at a resort.  I'd like to spend less than $200 (used) for the skis, preferably with bindings, but I'm willing to spend more for the right ski.  Used and older aren't issues, but I don't want to go so old that there's little life in the skis/bindings.  I currently have powder specific skis, and some older volkl 188's for those days I just want speed on the groomers.  But neither of them are great for the in between stuff.


I've been skiing about 15 years, and have logged about 300 days of skiing.  I am 6'2, and about 190lbs.  


Ideally, I would like something that's a good compromise for these:


-Main priority is that it's at home in tracked out ungroomed areas, in about 20-35 degree terrain

-not mogul specific, but want to avoid driving a semi through them. Would like to handle them with less pain.

-not much chatter at high speeds (still need to keep my friends in line when racing :) 

-nimble around trees and narrow lines

-can easily land jumps, hops, and other small air 

-good for managing spring corn

-all other things being equal, would prefer a lighter ski than heavier if possible


I've gotten a lot of recommendations for a shorter all mountain ski for my height (170-177cm), but just wanted to see what people recommended here.


Thanks for any help!