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snow update for Academy

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i didn't make it up little cottonwood canyon yesterday, too much snow. My mom(michigan) and my sister(illinois) called ywesterday, salt lake city made the national news, a LOT of snow. i haven't been able to get up the canyon yet today either, and with the avalanche danger it doesn't look like i will anytime soon. i love this place. i'll love it a lot more when i can get back to the bird. see you soon.
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In your time at Snowbird, have you experienced such outstanding conditions so early in the season?

In the 23 years I've skied Montana, I can't remember such an incredibly bountiful storm--Bridger has had 56" since Christmas.
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Just wanted to ask: How much snow have they recieved at Snowbird? I just talked to my sister who lives in Sandy and she says that they have two feet in Sandy!! eabrown :
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Today's Report:

New Snow 13.5" Overnight and 27.5" in the last 24 hours
Mid-Mountain Snow Depth 87"
Mountain Temperatures 10 degrees at the base, 3 degrees at mid-mountain and -4 degrees at Hidden Peak
Storm Total 60.5"
Year to Date Snowfall 249.5"
Winds at Hidden Peak W/NW @ 15 mph
Last Update 12/27/2003 at 6:30am (Mountain Time)
Ski Conditions Powder! Powder! Powder!
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That's friggin insane. It's not yet the 1st of the year, and already, the Bird has exceeded the annual totals of about every Eastern resort, except Jay.

We'll never shut that Eastsucks punk up now. :
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