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Full Tilt

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I just got measured and I wear an 8.5 shoe normally and for ski boots 27.5cm

I was skiing the past weekend in some rentals and it was Salomon ones (can check if it helps for info) and I thought it was really comfortable. I have been doing snowboarding for the past 13 years and after some research decided I should go for Full Tilt boots for comfort. I went to my local store to try on the Drop Kicks and I was in some SERIOUS pain the second I put them on.


I'm wondering, is it the "last" width is not enough? It says 99mm on the website but I'm now wondering if I should be in wider ones like the High Five's? The strange thing is I measured the widest point of my foot and it's only 100mm. Do I need ones with 102mm last? I'm sure the rentals were a bit stretched too but I'm still really shocked it was so painful. I couldn't even keep them on for more then 2 minutes. Also the sales guy isn't experiecned and I don't have other choices as no other fitters near me, the fitter did say my rentals were probably loose. I tried on a 28cm one and it fit a bit better but still a bit of pain. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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have a read at the wiki at the top of the forum "which boot will work for me" it will give you a few things to look for in the fitting process


it may just be the shape of the full tilt is not right for your foot, every brand makes boots which are different shapes, the key is the boot fitter knowing these shapes and matching one to your feet, then getting you on a well made supportive insole then heating and adjusting the boot where required


impossible to say much more about what you should have without seeing your feet... if that was a USA 8.5 then 27.5 is way too big, in fact it is probably a good bit too big if it was a UK 8.5 too

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Hi CEM thanks for your help. I will take a look at that thread. Regarding the size, I touch the tip of the boot and actually find my toes a bit cramped on the 27.5's. It's a bit confusing for me to be honest but the guy said I should be wearing half a szie to 1 size larger then what I'm measured for. 


Shoes wise with Nikes I range from 9 to 10 as well? 

I will see if I can find somewhere to try other brands

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Actually I just found out the problem, it indeed was the last width issue. I just called the rental company and the ones I had were 102-106mm ones. No wonder I felt so tight in the 99mm FT's! Will look at the wider ones now thanks!

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Originally Posted by alextn99 View Post

 It's a bit confusing for me to be honest but the guy said I should be wearing half a size to 1 size larger then what I'm measured for



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Hi CEM will do thanks

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