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[Noob to the site here, a kind member directed me here.]


Anyone have good reccomendations for a bootfitter in the Chicagoland area? I'm even willing to go up to Wisconsin if needed. In Chicago it seems like Viking Ski Shop is the only game in town, as Snowcrest seems to have closed. I also been recommended Scandinavian Ski and Snowboard shop. Thoughts on Viking or Scanski? any advice? Looking for some reputable and knowledgeable folks I can rely on. Is Chicago a decent place for this? (I'll be going to Denver this July 4th and could shop there if that even makes sense).


I'm an intermediate skier getting back into it after 20 years and want to get some new equipment (so much has changed!) after having rented for half of this season.


Any other Chicago folks here? :)


Thanks all!