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Just finishing my argumentation here.


How a skier perform the shortest radius as possible?


Q3: how angulation of hips helps for tipping your skis more on edge?
A3: First, hips angulation is about grip and balance. What is going on when we do some angulation without changing the angle of edge? You just put more pressure on our outside ski. Doing so, you are more balanced because you are less supposed to fall inside the turn.
Then second benefit is the possibility to incline more with more edge angle until pressure is more balanced equally on your two skis. This point is very important, putting more pressure in your outside ski is not a goal "per se" when you do hips angulation. The main goal is getting more edge angle for turning shorter at maximum pressure around the falling line.


Q4: how the skier prepare hips angulation at best?
A4: From our lasts statements it is quite easy to guess.
We can describe the "best" position of skier entering in a new turn, just before hips angulation  :
1/ pressure max in the outside ski : a way for getting more angle of edges later when hips angulation, where pressure can be balanced equally on your two skis when pressure is high in the fall line,
2/ optimal inclination: the more inclined as possible. Alignment of all your segments. Alignment will give you the max of amplitude when you will do angulation from an inclined torso to a vertical one,
3/ position forward, the one for bending your skis in the middle and to use maximum length of you edges.


This position 1/-2/-3/  (photo 7 bellow) is the one you wants to reach while you are on transition between shaped turns.


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