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Zipfit indy?

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Anyone have, seen or know some details about zipfit indy?


I have the zipfit WC in my alpine boots and they are the ONLY solution available to my skinny ankles. I need some touring boots and after trying just about all of them I have the same ankle problem. My WC zipfit in touring boots kind of defeat the purpose of walk mode. The gara/wc/gp... are way too stiff.


I wonder how are the indy zipfits. Supposedly they are designed as an over the original liner, liner. Are they just a thin material with heel and tongue pockets for omfit? Anyone have some detailed pictures or experience with them?

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Got a set of Indy s a couple of days ago. They are a regular liner and they are THICK. I think that it will take me at least 5 days on the snow to get these broken in. First day I wore them, both of my feet were asleep. By the end of the day it was getting tolerable. I still need a ton of time in these to actually write a decent review.
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