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My kids have all moved out and I'm preparing to down-size my life.  I'm starting by getting rid of some ski gear.  These are the first few items I found that I thought might draw some interest:


Kastle BMX98 168 CM with K12 CTI bindings.  I bought these skis at the end of last season.  They had been a floor/demo set, but had never seen snow.  The price was right, so I bought them without a demo.  I expected to love them, but only liked them.  I have other skis I like better.  They were skied five days this past February in Aspen (where, incidentally it seems everyone is on Kastles) and saw nothing but powder.  You can hardly tell they've ever been skied.  The bindings are, of course, Kastle-badged Tyrolias, and are on a power rail, so they will most likely not require a remount unless your feet are exceedingly small or large.  I paid $700; I'd like $550 plus shipping, but I'll listen to any reasonable offers.





Lange Banshee ski boots, size 25.5, bsl 300 mm.  Skied maybe ten or twelve days.  The liners have never been heat-molded.  They have a few scuff marks on the inner aspect of both boots where they have banged together while skiing.  Nothing too serious. I have a narrow foot and so these were a good fit - I believe the last is 98 mm.  $50 plus shipping takes them.



More to follow.

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