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Thanks to All

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I had a good time at the ski tune up in Stowe Vermont. Kristi was a great instructor. Since my bad experience in Colorado a few years ago, I haven't hit the slopes in a while. When I did get my nerve up, I got knocked out at Jay Peak from a chair lift. That about did it for me.
Kristi, helped me to get my nerve back. I still have a ways to go, but at least I got back on some blue trails again. I still have to work on my boots, hence the name Dr. Bigfoot. My feet are a size 4.5 and my boots are a 6.5. Oh yes, it makes skiing most eventful.
For all who may wonder who I am. I am Mrs. Oboe. Eveyone calls me that, so I decided to create my own name. Since, I am working on my Ph.D. I came up with a creative name that suits me and my tiny feet.
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we chatted about the boot issues when we met at breakfast on saturday...

if you ever get the chance - go visit Paul Richelson in his office in Plymouth or Concord, NH. Richelson Feet First is his business (he does a lot more than just boot fitting).

he can give you a consult as to which boot will be the best fit and then do all the bootwork necessary to really make it work.

good luck!
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If you go to see Paul, he usually doesn't have the boot on hand that you want. What you have to do, then is to have him order it for you. They can make a list of suggested boots for you based on a computerized foot scan, but you still have to try them on somewhere else and then get back to them. I had custom footbeds made by him three boots ago. I also had one size too large boots then. I had them trimmed by Dan at Stan and Dan's in North Conway when I sized down. Paul did a good job with the insoles. They run a very busy shop during this season. It was fun skiing with you. I hope that you can get new boots soon.
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I have a sneaking hunch that Dr. Bigfoot will explore right here in Vermont where some of the best bootfitters can help her immensely. Of course, that's just a sneaking hunch.
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Ah Dr. Bigfoot, WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME! It's nice to have you on board with your own identity! Mrs. Oboe is cute, but you needed your own screen name, your own identity.

When you get the boots all straightened out give me a hollar and I will come up for a weekend and ski with you. I promise not to hit my head and wreck my knee! I was thinking of hitting either Smuggs or Bolton Valley during my FEB. Vacation and it would be nice to have someone to ski with.
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Dr. Bigfoot:
You are WAY too pretty to have a name like that! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Dr. Bigfoot--if that name fit at all, those boots would have fit you a lot better than they did! I'm truly glad that you had a good experience at the ETU. Kristi is a real pro, and I'm glad you had a chance to ski with her.

Now, are you and Oboe (Mr. Dr. Bigfoot) going to be fighting for time on the computer and at EpicSki?

Welcome aboard!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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There are three computers in this house, all with broadband connectivity, so there's no need to fight about that.

We have now three skiers here, not merely 2.3. Dr. Bigfoot is enthusiastic beyond belief, and when she has boots that fit, with her new motivation, she'll become one kick-ass skier!
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Speaking of wives, a nice coincidence, turns out Mrs.Jamesdeluxe used to take my aerobics class when I lived in NYC!
Didn't Vonegart talk about the Karas {sp?}
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Dr. Bigfoot,

Wonderful to hear that you're going to give skiing another chance. That takes some courage after what you've been through. I thought the tune-up was a great camp. I'm glad it worked for you. Welcome aboard.
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Sorry for feeling your feet, but I've never seen that size of foot on anyone over the age of 6!

Welcome aboard!
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Hello Dr. Bigfoot. It was a pleasure to meet and chat with you at the ETU. I'm so glad you enjoyed the event and I hope to see you again at a future Epic Event. Tell oboe I said 'Hey yunz guys'.

Have a happy holiday.
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