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Learning Freestyle/Park

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Hey, I'm new to the community so I'm not sure if making this kinda thread is frowned upon. I live in Vermont so I started to ski at 4 or 5, suffice to say I'm now quite a bit better than my parents. I like to think of myself as a good skier, pretty comfortable on most terrain. However, there is one beast i've never tried to tackle, and thats the park. I would welcome some advice on getting to learn.    

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Did you get to be your view of a good skier by taking lessons?
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Yo bro, North Kohala on the Big Island, or where exactly?  How are the whales this year?  How are the chukar?


Do you skate or inline skate?  Are you aware that very few people on here go into the park in a real sense, so newschoolers or similar places may do better for your finding your happy place?


Best advice is, go into a large ski/board shop in Vermont, which carries a large selection of park skis.  Tell them you want to ski park.  Tell them you are willing to buy inlines through them, too, to help you learn to skate and ski park.  Tell them you will pay them under the table, in cash or beer help you learn to ski park.  Soon you will be learning to ski park, from people who do actually ski park.

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