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Do I need new boots?

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Hi all


A couple of seasons ago I decided to buy my first ski boots (I have always been renting prior to that).  I went to a specialised ski shop here in New Zealand, where they measured by foot and recommended Atomic Hawk 100 (this one  It felt fine in the shop and I bought it.


Having used it for two seasons (about 16 days altogether), I can now admit -- the boots hurt my feet!  I typically buckle my boots quite tight so that the leg does not move much.  When I do so in these boots, the pain is often unbearable after few hours of skiing.  At some point in the first season of me using the boot, I even lost feeling in the little toe on one of my foot for a month! :o  Sometimes I also get a numb/dead leg feeling - typically when I am on a lift or waiting in line.


I think the problem is around lateral malleolus and toes areas, where the boot may be too narrow for me.  I have been back to the shop a few times and they tried to expand boots a bit, but it still feels very painful when I buckle the boot tightly.


BTW, when I say that I buckle it in a tight way, I mean:


     * first I buckle the second buckle from the top (third from the toe), making sure that it pushes my foot backwards.  I make sure I buckle as tightly as the boot/foot allows me, BUT I do not use any excessive force to do so.


    * I buckle the top buckle + strap tightly.  Again, I do not force it though.


    * I leave the bottom two buckles either very loose or totally off.



What should I do?  Should I try to be buckling the boot less tightly?  Or should I accept that I made a mistake and it is it time for a new boot?

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impossible to say for sure without seeing the foot, BUT you shouldn't be needing to buckle the boot down tightly, if you are then it sounds as though the boot may be too big (if not in length then in volume) and buckling tight to get control is causing pressure points


read the wiki at the top of the forum "whcih boot will work for me" and see if that can give you a few answers as to what is happening

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what CEM said


why do you need the buckles that tight?   what happens if they are looser?

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Many people like the top two buckles very tight and I'll admit I do.  As you do I leave the lower two barely snug but the top two I like tight.  


If they hurt directly on the lateral malleolus usually that is an easy problem to fix.  Is it possible tightness in that area is responsible for numbness in your toes or do you feel pressure directly on your toes?



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Thanks for replies everyone.


I like the top being tight so that the ankle/calf does not move when I ski.  When I do it on rental boots, I typically don't have the pain issues.


Lou, I had the lateral malleolus and toe areas expanded in the shop.  The toe is definitely not being physically pushed anymore.


However, during my last ski day of the last season, I again got unbearably tiring/heavy/uncomfortable feeling in the feet.  So with the new skiing season coming up here in NZ, I started questioning whether it is normal.  Maybe I am indeed overdoing the tightening - will wait till the next season and try to ski with lesser tightning and see it help the comfort (without affecting the ski control).

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to me doesn't sound like an over tightening problem, since the problem isn't there when you tighten rental boots equally.  Rental boots have more volume around the ankle than your boots so my guess is even though the boots have been punched there is still a malleolus issue.  I'd go back and have the shop check their work by doing another shell fit and checking malleolus position relative the shell.



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Yeah, this may be the case Lou.  I will try to ski with more relaxed buckles first and see if it affects the skiing.  If it does, and tightening buckles further still gives me pain, then i will talk to the shop again.


Thanks for your help, everyone!

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