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ETU a coaches perspective

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Having been a posting member of Epic for about 2 years I consider myself still a newbie. It is amazing to me the number of post's and the dedication the skier's on this site have for the sport. As I was unable to participate in the ESA last year and again this year I was excited to hear the news of the ETU. I was also very honored to be asked to work with such a group of snowsport enthusiasts and to work with such other pros like Stu Cambell, Bob Barnes, Rick Rieter and the rest of the great coaches assembled.

When working or attending a first time event you are not sure how things will work out. There is always a little uneasy feeling of will this be OK. I think it is a tribute to the dedicated group that put this ETU together as I think they did a great job. The site is great but I really appreciated Dave Merriam's comments the first morning that face to face with eye contact is still a special relationship to have and for EPIC Ski to evolve into this type of event is just GREAT!

What a great experience to coach the ETU. The ability to have small groups of 5-7 people is a lost art. Most of the time I coach I am working with at least 9 and more often 11. This small size allows for more skiing and more individual attention. I think the shared experience of the web site also helps provide some common frame work to weave into the event. I had a great group of skiers with a passion that is fun to work with.

I look forward to a second ETU and hopefully a ESA in the near future! todo

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And Todo too? And you were there, and you were there, and you were there! [img]smile.gif[/img]
I'm sorry I did not get a chance to meet you. Or maybe I did, and didn't know your real name!
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He was that handsome scamp on the Volkl 5 stars.
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I NEED a pair of volkl 5 stars!!! (153s)

am told they are all in Retail now.

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Posted by Skidmo
He was that handsome scamp on the Volkl 5 stars.
Followed at varying distances by Skidmo, the bearberry's, pragmatic and Skier_j.

Each with individual styles, all with HUGE GRINS!!

Thanks Todo!
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From a coaches point of view, I would again like to thank all of you that came out to join us in braving the wind and the difficult conditions. I hope that the experience was a very positive one for each of you, and that your expectations were not only met, but exceeded. It is always a real treat to meet so many more of the Bears whom we have been communicating with for so long, and can now tie faces with those names/handles.

One of the most amazing aspects of this type of event, is the incredible level of motivation exhibited by each and every participant. It is a unique quality which makes our job as coaches so much easier.

I'm truly sorry for the incidents which caused injuries to both skierteach and oldnslo.
In the case of Evan (oldnslo), early on the first day, he was avoiding a collision with another skier. He made a sharp move to avoid the skier, just as he was coming over a roll in the trail. He sat back, and that was it. I have just received a PM from Evan, explaining the extent of the damage. He unfortunately has torn his ACL, partially torn the MCL and LCL, and damaged the meniscus.
Laurie (skierteach) fell and sustained a slight concussion, preventing her from attending the second day.
I'm sure I speak for everybody when I wish them both a speedy recovery!

I also want to thank all of our new coaches for doing such a great job! The feedback posted has been only the highest of compliments. It was a real pleasure to meet them all. And I look forward to working with all of them again.

With the degree of support shown by everybody on EpicSki, I'm sure we'll be returning for another ETU.

Most of all, I would like to thank Oboe, Epic, and JamesDeluxe for all their efforts to make this idea a reality. They did a bang-up job, and we all appreciate it. I hope they will all be involved in organizing the next ETU event!


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[img]smile.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Things are looking great here! I got the ok to go out Saturday as long as I take it easy and listen to my body, if it tells me enough, then stop. I may try a half day someplace depending on if I finish my holiday shopping tomorrow or not.

Thanks to all of the great coaches and all of the great people who I met there! I will go again!
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Couldn't reply until now since I've been away on business.

Had a great time and I feel as though my skiing did improve. Because of the snow my flight on Monday was cancelled so I skiied MRG in the powder.

Kept thinking complete the turns to control the speed and even got to practice bumps.

Hope the instructers from out west were able to stay an extra day and ski the snow rather than the ice.
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Hello everyone--first time I've been on line since I left Colorado for the ETU, over a week ago. I've got some catching up to do! It was indeed a great event, and not even the rain or the cold or the wind could take away from the enthusiasm of the participants and the coaches.

Tod, and the other eastern coaches, did a fantastic job. It is a privilege and an honor to work with true professionals like Tod O'Dowd, Doub Stewart, Tim Thompson, Kristi Robertson, and Stu Campbell. Dave Merriam, the Stowe Ski School, and the entire resort of Stowe proved excellent hosts.

The participants were, as we expected, coaches' dreams! Motivated, curious, enthusiastic, willing to explore and experiment, and not afraid to work a little, you all make coaching skiing a truly gratifying experience.

And like Ric, I'd like to especially thank Oboe, Epic, and James Deluxe, for your tireless work in organizing the ETU. It could not have, and would not have, happened without your efforts, talents, persistence, and enthusiasm! My hat is off to you, with sincere appreciation and admiration!

Speedy recoveries, SkierTeach and OldnSlo!

Happy holidays to all!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

PS--Didn't mean to leave out Tom Burch and Ric Reiter, who put in another "epic" performance, both in helping organize the event and as coaches. Kudos and thanks, too, to Mike_M as the assistant coach. Next time you're shooting video in below-zero high wind conditions, Mike, wear gloves!
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