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Volkl Kink vs. Scott Mission

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Since having outgrown my old skis, I am in dire need of some new ones.  Based on reviews by both online and by friends I have seen both the Scott Mission and the Volkl Kink to be what I am narrowing it down too.  I am in New England, and I am looking for a solid All-Mountain that can perform well from Blues to Double Blacks.  If you have any other skis that won't break the bank too much, don't hesitate to offer up a suggestion!

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Last year the Mission was in production was 11/12 model year. Great ski but a few seasons out of date. I know I'll get hate about a ski that is only 2 seasons out of production but o well. If you are in NE and want a ski that can do it all and still hold like a G I Joe Kung Fu grip check out the Scott Crusade. Super versatile and can still carve the crap out of the hard pack. You can find last seasons on sale for a great deal.   

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Ok thanks for the suggestion, will definitely consider, reviews seem solid, wish I could find Scott demos around.  If it helps I spend most of the time on-piste but am trying to start to ski the woods and off-piste more, hopefully by next season I will be able to do it a lot, but still a 50-on 50-off or 60-on 40-off is what I will be sticking too.

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Uh, GotBlur did I miss something? Like does NE = North Exhibition at Sun Valley? Cuz Kink is a park ski that can handle soft snow and bumps, but is in no way a good one ski quiver for New England unless you live in the terrain park. The Mission is a softish all mountain that is nice for out west, yep, a bit dated, again aimed at normal to soft snow, again not happy on ice or hardback. 


Realistically, we get a lot of both back here. And the "off-piste" is mostly tight trees that get bumped out. So would suggest thinking more about skis like the Rossi Experience 88 or Blizzard Bushwacker if you're a lighter guy, maybe the Blizzard Brahma or Nordica Steadfast if you're not. 

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Ok, well the mission I guess is out of the question, however, I have two friends who ski the kink all-mountain, and they have both raved about it, taking it all over ice (we had a very icey day the other day.)  They hardly take it in the terrain park.  I am a big guy by the way, so thanks for sorta separating the two.  I have looked at the Steadfast but I wasn't sure if I should invest that much with bindings?

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From my experience, everything Scott makes is low quality. I wouldn't buy anything from them.

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GotBlur, IME, people tend to rave about whatever they ski on; it's called "reducing cognitive dissonance," or "the grass is greener on my side of the fence." Until they don't, and decide they have to get something new; this is called "being a member of Epic." I've skied ancestral versions of the Kink, like the Karma. Since it's a Volkl, with a torsion box, Kink's will be decent on hardpack. I see them around Killington on the feet of good freestylers, so they must work since K-ton can be a very icy place. But they won't handle all conditions as well as a modern all-mountain, and they're not necessarily the best call for a big guy.


So the skis I named will be 3/4 as good in bumps and trees, meh to terrible in the park, and noticeably better on ice, in crud, and at speeds north of 40 mph. Part of the reason there are so many cheap park skis around at the end of every season is that they're very focused; designed to be good at some things that literally will take away their capabilities in other areas. Twins with tips and tails for buttering will be great in bumps. They won't support high speed stability, or optimal performance in crud or on ice. And since park folks tend to be younger, with less disposable income, hmmm.


OTOH, if you want to spend a lot of time in softer snow, bumps, or the trees, and just manage the ice, then Kinks might be the best choice.


Prices are just starting to come down, BTW. If you check back in April, skis like the Steadfast will be even cheaper. As will Kinks.  

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Originally Posted by Sh4d0w View Post

From my experience, everything Scott makes is low quality. I wouldn't buy anything from them

Ha Ha... And what is your experience? Not trying to be a dick, I would just really like to know.  A statement like that need some backing up in my opinion.  

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^^^^ This. First off, Scott makes more poles than anyone else, and they seem to be good enough for a bunch of WC racers. Their goggles are fine; I've owned several. I know several folks who own their helmets, no complaints. Cannot speak to their clothing. As far as skis, I've demoed Missions, they seemed of normal quality. And The Ski seems nicely made - I've only glanced at them - but according to Phil and others who have skied it. So is this a personal horror story that you've decided is indicative of QC for the entire company, or do you have statistical evidence?

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Went to my local shop today, to see what was in stock.  They didn't have any stead fasts, but did have burners which seemed to be relatively similar based on what he said and online reviews.  I also saw some 2011 K2 Photons on sale for very cheap.  Anybody know anything about those?

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Originally Posted by SVmike View Post

Ha Ha... And what is your experience? Not trying to be a dick, I would just really like to know.  A statement like that need some backing up in my opinion.  


I had a pair of Scott poles and one of the poles broke in half without having any significant force on it. It was just a normal smooth pole plant on a groomer and it broke cleanly in half. The exact same thing happened to one of my dad's Scott poles, and my Scott goggle lens cracked. I've also heard other people complain about Scott. I haven't tried Scott skis so I can't say for sure that their skis are low quality as well, but I've had more than enough bad experience with their other products and have never had similar issues with any other brands.
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I cannot get to a mountain this weekend to demo but I have change my choice based on what the store said and looking into it more.
1. Nordica Steadfast
2. K2 AMP 80xti
3. Atomic Smoke Ti (Used to have non-ti smoke)

Any other input on these? Beyond was very helpful (thanks) and the steadfast has quickly moved to number one but all of this might change when I demo some, hopefully next weekend. Any other opinions on these?
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Beyond, Well I spend most of my time a K-ton as well.  I tend to stay on the groomers and theres almost always ice, however I do spend a fair amount of time in the bumps and the rest of this season and next will be trying to improve in them and play around with them a lot.  How are the steadfasts in the bumps, if you know, and I figure if they are good than it will be worth the investment as I will be on these for a few years.  Disregard the post above, Im mainly looking between the Atomic panic, Kink, and the Steadfast, but I'm considering those as well.

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