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Ski Santa Fe in April?

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Still looking for a Spring vacation, and we have never been to New Mexico.

Is Ski Santa Fe going to be any good in early April?  I see it closes 4/6, but don't know if that is because everyone is sick of skiing by then, or because it just isn't worth going to.

It would not be our vacation, but just something to do while visiting Santa Fe.

Any advice would be appreciated,

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Maybe a local will chime in but it might be questionable. It hasn't been a good snow year at Ski Santa Fe and temperatures are pretty warm already. It is often great in early April but this year maybe not so much.

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It closes 4/6 because that's when everyone stops going, although sometimes it's because the snow goes bad. I've skied awesome powder days there after it closed, but one time a few years ago when the snow was so good that they stayed open an extra week, the place was nearly deserted.

It's hard to tell what the snow will be like the last week until a week or two ahead. Could be powder, corn, or slop. th_dunno-1[1].gif

a local.
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Well, I am planning on waiting until the last moment; so I will check back in a couple weeks. 

Any locals that would be kind enough to give me their email addresses so I can check with them would be great.


Airfare should be either really cheap, or impossibly high.  We will see.

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Bob is a patroller / local.  Send a PM and he will turn you onto the current conditions in an honest way.   Good idea keeping your options open this year.

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