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Vermont 3/13 and onward

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HI all,

Looking for info on ski conditions from March 12-13 storm.  Anyone on-hill today/yesterday?  Where?  Snow quality/depth?  
ANY beta would be helpful for someone deciding on destination and day.

Thank you!

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- try alpinezone dot com 

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i was at stowe and smuggs this past weekend. a little thin on parts of the really steep terrain, but almost everything was open and coverage was great in the woods. this storm should make things fantastic.


don't know if this helps you but i'll be at sugarbush this weekend and can report back after that.

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Just walked in the door from the morning at Stowe. About 2 feet of fresh fluffy stuff. Windy. Cold. That is all.

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Middlebury Snowbowl 20"+ lots of stuff left, back side opening tomorrow which not touched today except for maybe a few people who might have skinned back up, was probably 50 people on the mt today.

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The big snow line seems to be approximately Gore to Killington to Wildcat to Sunday River.  Those places and North are good, south of that diminishes quickly.

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at stowe today game on on every line imaginable. 


snow was dry but packed due to small crystals and wind. It was the type of day that even the places that got packed down by the end of the day, the most dynamic turns were being done a huge skis. 

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Skied Okemo today. They received about 6" or 7" of dense windslabbed snow. Crust was nasty on the open sides of some trails. Restricted lifts due to icy cables and high winds. The storm Wednesday alternated among  rain, sleet, and snow. Good for the base, but the surface was a challenge for most of the folks. As a crud hound, I found it terrific, and the mountain was deserted. Tomorrow should be better, with less wind and more benign temps.

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